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How to turn on GPS?

Activate GPS in a fixed time Trigger SOS emergency dial Send SMS command “ POSITION# WHERE# URL#”

GPS is turned on, but it can’t be positioning, why?

Stay in the room, under the tree or keep still for a long time may affect GPS signal reception.     Whether GPS is shielded or not. (e.g., near military region or community) Overhaul needed when device still can’t be positioning even the signal is strength.

When calling, why it warns that the device is power off?

Your SIM card should be valid. Please check whether the SIM card is incorrectly inserted. Observe indicator light. If network indicator is dark, this problem may be caused by SIM card, you can change another one and have a test. If this still can’t work, please return the device to factory to get an overhaul. 

How do I set up text message alerts for my tracker?

In order to get text messages sent to your phone when your tracker enters / exits a geofence, you need to add your cell phone number into the tracking app. You can do this with the mobile app or through the web tracking app.

I just got my tracker.  How do I get started?

To get started, first make sure your tracker is completely charged and powered on. It may take a moment for your tracker to connect to the cell network and get a GPS fix for the first time.   You will want to download the tracking app for your smartphone (or you can use the web tracking app, tracksolid.com).  For some trackers, there are additional features available only in the mobile app. You can log in with the e-mail address and password you chose when you purchased or activated your tracker. Once your tracker is powered on, it should update the

Why isn’t my Tracker updating?

There are a few reasons a tracker might not be updating it’s position on the map.   The first thing to check is that the tracker is charged and powered on.   Next, make sure the tracker is placed somewhere it can get GPS signal.  Trackers get their location from GPS satellites, so they can’t be inside a metal enclosure like a trunk or toolbox. Also, they may not be able to get a GPS fix inside a metal building, an underground parking deck, etc.  So if your tracker isn’t reporting, there is a possibility that it just doesn’t know where it

How can I track my cars/assets/people?

First you need to pick the devices that meet your demands, follow the instructions on the user manual to connect the device. You can use the Tracksolid/Car-Matrix Web platform to checkout latest location and status from your cars/assets/people. Apps for Android/iOS phones are also available. Just click Demo on the Login page, then you can have a try.

How to cancel vibration alert?

Use SOS to send “000” to disarm. Use SOS call number to dial SIM card number and hang up within 10 seconds, then you will get a message saying the device disarm automatically. 

How to set SOS number?

To set SOS number, you can send “SOS, A, phone number#” to device and then reply “OK”. 

Why is the GPS location drifting?

GPS signal can be affected by various factors: Bad weathers like rain/snow/thunder storm, extreme temperature The surrounding buildings or hills/mountains, bad installation method and position, etc. If the device is under those conditions, the position would be less accurate. If the device location keeps drifting all the time, please contact Jimi staff for support.

How to get Jimi devices online?

To get the device connected, you will need a SIM card with SMS feature and Internet access. Insert the SIM card and power ON the device, then normally the device will self-adapt the correct APN setting of the SIM card, and connect to the Internet.  The device is configured to connect the Tracksolid/Car-Matrix server by default. If unfortunately, the APN setting cannot be adapted, you can also manually set them by SMS command. For Trackers, useAPN, apnname, user, password# command. See the user manual document for more detail.  

What if I am outside GSM coverage area?

Your device will store up outgoing messages until it is connected to the GSM network. When the GSM network resumes the data will stream back to server. Nothing will miss.

How do I access my account?

You will be provided with an online account and given a personal login and password of your choice. You will also be given the website address of your GPS tracking website. Any computer with a working standard Internet browser is required to login and locate your vehicle.

How to switch the GPS mode and LBS mode?

When GPS is positioning, its icon is still (full signal) and will be turned off in 20 seconds. If GPS is not positioning, it turns off in 5 minutes and starts again in 30 minutes. GPS works 20 minutes when it is activated by platform and SOS alert. Otherwise, GPS turns off after 20 seconds positioning. Even GPS is not positioning, it will turn off in 5 minutes. When GPS doesn’t work, it switches to LBS mode.

Where can I modify the user expiration time?

The sales account can modify the user expiration time on the device management page. On the “device” page, find the device, click update user expiration date, and modify the user expiration date.

How to create Tracksolid account?

On the account menu, you can add the customer, input username, login account, password and other info you need. There are two types of accounts: dealers and end users. Tracksolid dealer account can create sub-accounts, manage and set device expiration times. End users account do not have this permission.

What is Tracksolid lifetime?

The First Year Use means you can use our platform “Tracksolid” for one year.  Lifetime Use means you can use our platform “Tracksolid” for 10 years.

Which types of people are expected customers for this device?

The expected users of device are all consumers or for car driver or anyone need to record the driving condition and protect their assets. The expected organizations of device include individual home users, enterprises and governments, etc. Device would be mainly used in consumer’s vehicle.

How will the device be used?

For recording the driving condition, monitoring driving behaviours, deterring crime, recording bad motorists, and more quickly resolving disputes resulting from traffic accidents.

How long is the device expected to be used for?

The device is expected to be used for 3 years. Jimiprovides a 13-month warranty for all tracking and DVR devices. App upgrades at least once every 2 weeks and the firmware for products on sale upgrade at least once every 3 months.

What other aspects of device use might be relevant to the device’s cybersecurity risk?

Privacy:Scope of personal information collection We will handle all types of personal information, including the data clearly provided by you and your device data and personal information generated from the use of our services, specifically: When you register or log in, we will collect your email address, password, nickname, and profile photo that you use in registration. When you download or use the app, we may read information about your mobile device, such as information of the hardware model, IMEI number or other unique device identifier, MAC address, IP address, operating system version, and location. We may also read information

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