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we offers comprehensive OEM and ODM services, catering to the distinct demands and specifications of our esteemed clientele.
We are well aware of the pivotal role of innovation in the IoT industry. With over two decades of industry experience and unique insights into IoT telematics, we can help materialize your big ideas into innovative products and solutions quickly while saving your R&D investment. From 4G positioning products to video telematics products to industrial automation, our support in design and development encompasses all.

In the field of IoT, stability and reliability are the bedrock upon which success stands. As your trusted partner, we are committed to using our manufacturing capabilities and rigorous quality control to ensure that every and each product delivered provides stable operation in your desired application scenario(s). Whether it is sensors or embedded or smart telematics devices, exquisite manufacturing technology and quality assurance have always been at the forefront of our thinking and have made us what we are today.

Our team will be privileged to have the opportunity to work closely with you to create a smart future together!


Proactively communicate and collaborate with our clients to understand their requirements, specifications, desired product features and target audience and market.
Create a design that meets our clients' specifications, including hardware, software, user interfaces, and aesthetics. This may involve creating a new design from scratch or making adjustments to an existing design.
Develop a prototype of the product and conduct thorough testing and validation to help identify defects or improvements. Gather feedback and make necessary refinements accordingly.
Finalize the design based on prototype testing and validation results and client feedback. Prepare for mass production by procuring materials and components.
Perform quality checks throughout the entire manufacturing process to ensure that the products meet the desired standards. Conduct quality testing by sampling to verify performance.
Design packaging that reflects the client's brand identity and appeals to its target audience and market.
Coordinate with the client to understand their requirements and organize logistics services to deliver the finished products to their desired locations or distribution channels.
Provide ongoing technical support and assistance to the client for any issues that may arise after the sale or for further inquiries. Continuously collect feedback for future product improvements.

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