Cost-Effective UBI Solution Based on OBD Vehicle Tracker

Cost-Effective UBI Solution Based on OBD Vehicle Tracker



Do you know? The global vehicle tracking system market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.9% from 2022 to 2030, reaching USD 60.88 billion by 2030. But competition among telematics service providers and integrators is also increasing. Traditional vehicle tracking solutions may no longer be sufficient to compete effectively and sustain business in the long run. To solve these problems and help these companies, Jimi IoT provides cost-effective vehicle tracking solutions.

Cost-Effective UBI Solution Based on OBD Vehicle Tracker


The transportation and logistics segment accounted for a dominant share of over 20% in the vehicle tracking systems market in 2021. Key factors driving the growth of the vehicle tracking system market include rising safety and security concerns among passengers and fleet owners and increasing demand for intelligent transportation systems. In addition, there are growing concerns about carbon emissions and growing awareness of fleet and trucking technologies. Government mandates for safety norms are also driving the market growth.

But there is a challenge to contend with – not only is there increased competition among telematics service providers and integrators, shortages of electronic components, but also the growing expectations of drivers and/or fleet managers in a rapidly changing environment. They demand more value without paying a premium.

Today, the key factor when choosing a GPS tracker model is the added functionality and value that the integrator can provide to end users and customers without breaking the bank. Ideally, the portfolio of vehicle trackers currently installed and deployed must also be considered, along with quick and easy installation or upgrade options. All in all, this attractive combination will help to compete successfully in the market, secure more projects and expand the business or at least ensure its sustainability.

At Jimi IoT, we are ready to address this growing problem and provide cost-effective solutions today.


For demonstration and explanation, we choose Jimi OBD GPS Tracker JM-VL04 specially developed for the insurance telematics industry. You can learn more about its use cases and benefits here.

JM-VL04 OBD vehicle tracker
JM-VL04 OBD vehicle tracker

On-board diagnostic devices (OBD)/trackers function based on components such as sensors, electronic control units, and diagnostic trouble codes to help analyze and adjust vehicle systems and alert the driver of any problems. Its features like vehicle movement alert, speeding alert, geo-fencing, voice monitoring, vehicle battery detection, power disconnect. And driving behavior analysis, such as sudden acceleration, sudden braking, sharp turns, sudden lane changes, collisions, skids, rollovers, rolls and pitches. These advantages make it popular in the vehicle tracking system market.

UBI Solution


The Jimi plug-in OBD or hard-wired trackers, dashcams, or other monitoring devices installed in vehicles collect telematics data, including collision events, driving hours, mileage, fuel consumption, driver attentiveness, and driving behavior, and upload the data to a cloud server over cellular networks. In the meantime, the device will give voice reminders if the policyholder shows signs of distraction or fatigue, or has been using the phone or driving recklessly. And if an emergency occurs, the panic button allows drivers to summon assistance in a single press.


The could server analyzes the uploaded data and visualize the data on Tracksolid Pro or your own platform in intuitive graphs and lists for easy reading. These critical data will be retained on the cloud server for 3 months at most.


The platform presents the data in graphs, lists, and easy-to-read texts. The platform is easy to use and requires no special knowledge. The platform, working in conjunction with Jimi trackers, DVRs or peripherals, allows insurers to track the locations of policyholders’ vehicles in real-time to send instant help if emergencies occur or recover stolen ones in the earliest time possible, live streaming the images from multiple cameras, and check the fuel and mileage data anytime, anywhere, on any device.


1.Event Video to Cloud

The Jimi dashcams or camera systems capture critical events, such as collision and harsh driving, and save these critical data in the server for future use. These data can be used by insurers as evidence to reduce insurance fraud and exonerate innocent policyholders

2.Individualized Pricing

Mileage data collected are critical if you charge the insured based on usage; while driving behavior analysis (DBA) is of paramount importance if policyholders are charged on how they drive. The platform allows you to leverage both types of data to craft the most suitable insurance strategy for each individual customer. With the platform, you can also create incentive programs rewarding policyholders with good driving behaviors.

3.Driver Monitoring (DMS)

The peripheral driver attentiveness monitoring camera (DMS) captures driver distraction or fatigue or phone use or drinking in separate video clips and the platform classifies these data in types to facilitate search when circumstances call. These data can also be used to coach drivers in real-time and afterwards.


The mobile app for end-users offers customers quick and 24/7 access to relevant information. which enables them (policyholders) to know where they can improve and correct their driving behavior accordingly to get a better price on their annual rates.


In addition to position fix via GNSS, our house-developed inertial navigation module (INS)embedded in Jimi trackers enables the uninterrupted position fix in areas with poor or even no GPS signals. This functionality further increases the chances of recovering stolen vehicles for policyholders, but also helps reduce the cost of vehicle losses.

6.lmproved Customer Experience

Drivers will contact their insurance companies in the event of a traffic accident. This FNOL can assist policyholders in getting help but may not be as prompt as they expect. The panic button in the solution allows drivers to notify the insurer at that very moment. The insurer can locate the policyholder’s vehicle, dispatch the nearest team to the scene, and make a call to the driver to determine if medical attention or the fire department should be contacted.

Why Jimi IoT?

The Jimi cloud platform works with Jimi GPS trackers, DVRs, or peripherals, enterprises can significantly improve fleet vehicle tracking, monitoring, and management, which helps to optimize business operations, reduce operating costs, and improve business competitiveness and return on investment.

Jimi has more than 20+ years of experience in the loT/loV industry and a team of experts to assist you in the adoption. We offer ready-to deploy solutions (with IoT SIM cards for worldwide connectivity) as well as OEM, ODM.and OBM services to suit your industry-specific needs.