How to Track Fleet Activity With Reporting Software.

How to Track Fleet Activity With Reporting Software.


Integrated Fleet Management Software Capabilities

Fleet management is about more than being able to pinpoint where drivers are on a map. An integrated fleet management system offers a complete ecosystem of analytics that works together to improve your processes and procedures. Track Your Truck’s software features can integrate with a variety of systems to create insights you can use to maximize productivity.

GPS tracker device for trucks lets you monitor all three indicators of bad driving and evaluate them to determine whether a driver was just avoiding an accident or whether they are habitually dangerous drivers, allowing you to work with your driving team to implement safer techniques.

Whenever drivers are making a drop-off or heading to a service site, customers want to know where those drivers are. GPS fleet tracking software gives you an up-to-date picture of where each vehicle is, allowing you to satisfy customers who want more control over their interactions with your company. The better you can communicate with your customers, the more loyalty you’ll earn.


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GPS Mapping Fleet Management Technology

The heart of a GPS fleet management software system is its tracking technology. Thanks to the advancements in reporting frequency on GPS tracking devices, dispatchers and fleet managers can get an accurate sense of where a vehicle is and when it’s expected to arrive at its destination.

To get your fleet where it needs to be, you need real-time routing capabilities. With this tool in your kit, you can find the closest driver to the destination and send directions straight to a driver’s phone when they need it. GPS truck tracking software eliminates time wasted when drivers don’t know exactly how to get to their destination and cuts down on time spent in traffic by optimizing routes.

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GPS tracking system for trucks service includes generating so you can see at a glance how long vehicles are running without moving and get alerted when vehicles are idling and wasting fuel.

Speeding is a bad choice for everyone involved. It contributes to fuel waste and compromises the safety of your driver and everyone around them while increasing the chances of incurring costly traffic tickets. Track Your Truck allows you to monitor drivers’ current speed habits and analyze their behavior over time.

Additionally, GPS tracking can alert you to the most dangerous forms of speeding by identifying location. You’ll know which drivers have a habit of speeding through residential neighborhoods or school zones, for example, allowing you to take appropriate action based on specific behavior.

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