JC261: An Upgraded Multi-Functional Intelligent Monitoring Solution Derived from JC400

JC261: An Upgraded Multi-Functional Intelligent Monitoring Solution Derived from JC400


The JC261 series represents a significant advancement over the JC400 series. While preserving the core strengths of the JC400, the JC261 series introduces cutting-edge AI algorithms, including the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), to enhance its versatility and suitability for various industries. This upgrade makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including fleet management, logistics transportation, and online car-hailing management.

ADAS+DMS AI Algorithm: Advancing Road Safety and Driver Monitoring

ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

At the heart of this innovation is the ADAS algorithm. This technology enables the JC261 device to act as a vigilant co-pilot, constantly scanning the road and surrounding environment for potential hazards. Here’s how it works:

Following Distance Monitoring: The ADAS algorithm tracks the distance between your vehicle and the one in front, ensuring that a safe following distance is maintained. If the gap narrows dangerously, the system issues real-time warnings to the driver, reducing the risk of rear-end collisions.

Near Collision Detection: The system is finely tuned to recognize situations where a collision is imminent, even before it happens. It identifies sudden stops or obstacles in the vehicle’s path and provides immediate alerts to the driver, allowing for quick evasive action.

Lane Keeping Assistance: JC261’s ADAS keeps a watchful eye on lane markings. If the vehicle starts to drift out of its lane without signaling, the system provides corrective alerts, preventing unintended lane departures and potential accidents.

DMS – Driver Monitoring System

Complementing the ADAS features is the Driver Monitoring System (DMS), a crucial component in the JC261 series. The DMS camera, strategically placed within the vehicle, uses advanced artificial intelligence to assess the driver’s behavior and condition:

Fatigue Detection: By monitoring the driver’s facial expressions and eye movements, the DMS can detect signs of fatigue or drowsiness. If the driver shows signs of nodding off or becoming less attentive, the system issues warnings to encourage rest breaks or heightened alertness.

Distracted Driving Identification: Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents. The DMS camera identifies actions such as texting while driving, yawning,smoking,. When such behaviors are detected, immediate alerts are sent to the driver, emphasizing the importance of keeping focused on the road.

Driver Position Monitoring: The DMS will ensure that the driver is in the normal driving position, and an alarm will be issued if the face is not recognized, so as to avoid abnormal situations such as the camera being blocked

Dual Mode Positioning: Leveraging GPS and BDS Signals

One of the standout features of the JC261 series is its Dual Mode Positioning capability. This innovative approach combines the power of two distinct positioning systems: GPS (Global Positioning System) and BDS (BeiDou Navigation Satellite System). By harnessing both GPS and BDS signals simultaneously, JC261 takes vehicle tracking and data collection to a whole new level.

Collecting Comprehensive Data

But Dual Mode Positioning is about more than just pinpointing vehicle locations. It’s also about gathering a wealth of essential data for analysis. JC261 not only tracks the vehicle’s current position but also collects information on vehicle speed and other relevant data points. This comprehensive dataset is invaluable for businesses and fleet managers, offering insights into driver behavior, route optimization, and maintenance scheduling.

Dual-Channel Recording: Comprehensive Monitoring for Your Business Needs

Integrated Lens for Road Monitoring

The JC261 series is equipped with an integrated lens that offers a clear and continuous view of the road ahead. This lens serves as your vehicle’s “eyes” on the road, capturing crucial visual information in real time. It’s an invaluable asset for assessing road conditions, monitoring traffic, and documenting any incidents or accidents that may occur during the journey.

Comprehensive Interior Monitoring

But Dual-Channel Recording goes beyond simply watching the road. It provides the capability to monitor the vehicle’s interior as well. By utilizing peripheral cameras strategically placed within the cabin, JC261 captures a wide range of interior views, including:

Cabin: Keep an eye on the driver and passengers. This helps ensure that safety protocols are being followed, such as the use of seatbelts and adherence to no-smoking policies.

Rear: Monitor the rear of the vehicle, which is especially crucial for cargo and passenger transport. It allows you to oversee loading and unloading operations and ensures the safety of passengers or valuable goods.

Side: Get a clear view of what’s happening on the sides of the vehicle. This is important for assessing blind spots, ensuring lane changes are made safely, and preventing accidents during merging or turning.

Driver: Keep a close watch on the driver’s actions and reactions. This includes monitoring for signs of distracted driving, fatigue, or any unusual behavior that may compromise safety.

Meeting Your Specific Business Needs

The beauty of Dual-Channel Recording lies in its flexibility. Your business has unique requirements, and JC261 is designed to adapt to them. Whether you’re managing a delivery fleet, a passenger transport service, or any other type of vehicle-based operation, you can configure the system to focus on the areas that matter most to your business.

This level of detailed monitoring not only enhances safety but also provides valuable insights into driver behavior, compliance with company policies, and incident documentation. It’s a powerful tool for fleet managers looking to improve operational efficiency, reduce risks, and deliver a higher level of service to customers.

The JC261 series is more than just an upgrade from the JC400; it’s a leap forward in the world of vehicle monitoring and safety. With its integration of ADAS+DMS AI algorithms, Dual Mode Positioning, and Dual-Channel Recording, this intelligent monitoring solution sets a new standard for excellence.

The ADAS+DMS AI algorithms act as vigilant co-pilots, ensuring that drivers stay safe and attentive on the road, while the Dual Mode Positioning system provides precise location data and vehicle speed information for enhanced tracking and analysis. Dual-Channel Recording offers a 360-degree view of both the road and the vehicle’s interior, giving businesses the insights they need to make informed decisions and maintain the highest standards of safety and professionalism.


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