JM-VL03: What makes it so popular?

JM-VL03: What makes it so popular?


JimiIoT’s JM-VL03 is the world’s best-selling vehicle tracker in the 4G category! The reasons it can attract so many customers on the global market will be revealed in this article.




It can be summarized that JM-VL03 is a 4G LTE GPS tracker that has a wide range of applications, is powerful, and is cost-effective.

Based on its wide input voltage range, the device supports a wide range of application scenarios. JM-VL03 is a vehicle tracker that can be used in a range of situations. Compared to other vehicle trackers, the JM-VL03 stands out for its wide input voltage range of 9-90V, making it compatible with almost all vehicles, including industrial equipment, scooters, golf carts, etc. With this type of technical support, the JM-VL03 is an excellent mobile asset management tool.

Additionally, the JM-VL03 is a fully-featured tracking terminal. In nearly all situations, LTE communication with GSM fallback ensures a solid connection, and an advanced GPS antenna allows for more precise positioning and signal acquisition. Also included with the JM-VL03 is a tamper alert feature, which alerts customers when the device has been altered abnormally. This allows fleet managers, insurance companies, and other customers to take appropriate action in the first place and informs them of the device’s status in a timely manner. Furthermore, the JM-VL03 features Driver Behavior Analysis (DBA), remote cut-off, and the suite of event-triggered alerts for fleet management.

Finally, with its rich application scenarios and powerful features, the JM-VL03 still manages to maintain a relatively low price for a 4G vehicle tracker of its kind, thus underscoring its cost-effective benefits. Therefore, it is not difficult to conclude that JM-VL03 is the best-selling 4G vehicle tracker.


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