Logistics is a fundamental part of the economy and also a driving force in many industries such as manufacturing, agriculture and trade, and trailers play a key role in it. Therefore, experienced fleet managers come to know how critical proper trailer management is to logistics business operations. Here, we proudly present you our newest asset terminal – LL701, which provides a new level of security to your trailer fleet or any other heavy-duty vehicle fleet.

Replaceable Battery Design

With a replaceable battery design, the LL701 is free from battery maintenance issues, and allows for better portability and ease of installation, helping fleet managers effectively reduce fleet maintenance costs via easy battery replacement instead of using the time-consuming charging method to ensure maximum availability.

External Power Supply

Besides the internal battery, the device can also be powered by an external power source over the Type-C interface, ensuring it functions properly even when the batteries are dead. It also extends the battery life and device uptime, making the device available for more applications across different industries.

Ultra-Long Standby Time

Depending on reporting frequency, the device can work up to 5 years on 3 batteries. And the device can function normally with 1, 2, or 3 batteries installed, giving fleet managers the option of installing the appropriate number of batteries according to their needs, thereby reducing fleet maintenance costs in the long term.

Event-Triggered Alerts

Instant alerts will be sent to the cloud platform when atypical events such as device removal, unauthorized unpacking/movements, or geo-fence entry/exit occur, further adding to the security and peace-of-mind offered by the LL701. Helping dispatchers, fleet managers, and corporate leaders know the real-time status of their trailer fleet.

In addition to these features, the IP67 protection, multiple working modes, and Bluetooth connectivity will make the LL701 a perfect solution for non-real-time tracking of heavy-duty vehicles such as trailers, heavy trucks and construction vehicles.

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