LL701 「Long-Standby Asset Management Terminal」

LL701 「Long-Standby Asset Management Terminal」


LL701 – Long-standby LTE asset tracker, the ideal choice for managing heavy-duty vehicles such as heavy trucks and construction equipment.

Using the CR123A battery and interchangeable battery design, the device can be fully loaded in less than a minute, allowing for more availability and better portability. Thus, fleet managers can effectively reduce fleet maintenance costs by avoiding downtime until the device is charged. Depending on reporting frequency, its low consumption can provide up to 5 years of working time on 3 batteries, while it also supports an external power supply for longer working life.

In addition to these features, the IP67 waterproof rating and the suite of event-triggered alerts will make the LL701 a perfect solution for non-real-time tracking of heavy-duty vehicles, goods and other assets.




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