PG201 Personal GPS Tracker for Efficient Mobile Workforce Management

PG201 Personal GPS Tracker for Efficient Mobile Workforce Management


For companies with a distributed workforce such as delivery, construction, sanitation, and maintenance, the ability to control the locations and movements of these field workers and provide immediate assistance in emergencies is of paramount importance. Our PG201 personal tracking device is capable of providing real time insights for field service providers to improve productivity and efficiency of their mobile workforce.

Visibility: The PG201 GNSS tracker will upload real-time location data (or buffer these data on the device when the cellular network is unavailable and send them to the server when network coverage resumes) and alert messages to a cloud-based platform to provide transparency to help desk managers understand their deskless workers better.


Efficiency: With the workforce distribution, status, and other data visualized on a management platform, workforce operators can always know if their mobile employees are in their designated work areas and will receive notifications if their employees cross into other employees’ work areas or if any abnormal situation occurs such as a sanitation worker remains in one spot for too long to maximize the work efficiency and the potential of their field employees.


Safety: In emergencies such as man down, field personnel can press the panic button to send their current location and initiate an emergency call to the backend office for assistance; so on-premises managers can take immediate action such as sending the nearest employee to the accident site.


Longer Battery Life: With a larger internal battery (1,200mAh) than the Qbit, the PG201 tracking device can last up to 8 days on a single charge, which means it only needs to charge once every week.


The PG201 GPS tracking terminal for managing field workers offers more features to your evolving business needs. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to reach out via