Supervise Your Fishing Boats with JM-LL02 IP67 Rating GPS Tracker

Supervise Your Fishing Boats with JM-LL02 IP67 Rating GPS Tracker



Technological developments in both large and small fisheries are driving the global fishing boats market. Due to the global fishing trend aimed at increasing fish production, the demand for fishing boats for both large and small fishing is now on the rise.

The global fishing boat market size was valued at USD 1,463.87 million in 2022 and is expected to exceed USD 3,000.28 million by 2032. But at the same time, the protection of the environment and fisheries is particularly important, among which the management and monitoring of fishing boats is a crucial part, and Jimi can contribute to this.


A thriving fishery inevitably brings regulatory issues. In particular, overfishing, bottom trawling, the use of explosives, and widespread illegal and/or unauthorized fishing. Although many countries have introduced many policies to control and monitor fishing activities.

However, according to a 2020 study by the General Council of Fisheries, 83 percent of all so-called small fishing boats in the Mediterranean and Black Seas are still not equipped with location tracking devices. At the same time, all of these ships (more than 87,600) generate more than $3 billion in annual revenue, and that number is growing. However, three-quarters of Mediterranean and Black Sea stocks are fished beyond sustainable limits. That said, fisheries management and monitoring by fishing boats and motorboats is a top priority.

Supervise Your Fishing Boats with JM-LL02 IP67 Rating GPS Tracker


Jimi JM-LL02 is a 4G asset GPS tracker device designed for rugged applications. Equipped with a large 6,000mAh battery and powerful magnetic mount, the device is ideal for a variety of deployments where long standby time and simple installation are key.

JM-LL02 GPS tracker

Second, the certified IP67-rated housing ensures reliable waterproof protection, which is critical for the waterborne industry, including small fishing boat tracking. The new housing protects the device from moisture and submersion in water for longer life without corrosion. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), marine corrosion is a major hazard in a $2.7 billion annual industry, so preventing corrosion is critical to reducing costs.

JM-LL02 GPS tracker has GPS and LBS positioning, and multiple positioning systems cooperate to ensure that the position is accurately displayed on the cloud platform. The device has a 6,000mAh rechargeable battery, a large-capacity battery that supports long-time standby applications and is easy to charge and re-deploy.

features of LL02 asset tracker

The strong magnetic mount of the LL02 asset tracker has almost zero installation and can be easily and firmly fixed on most metal surfaces. And it also has a tamper alert. Receive tamper alerts when the light sensor detects device removal. JM-LL02 has three modes, standby mode, tracking mode, and power-saving mode. The standby time in power-saving mode can be as long as 1.5 years.


1. Efficiently manage your ship

Once you install the JM-LL02 tracker, you can immediately start monitoring your boats, its status, and its activity. Using the information collected by the Jimi JM-LL02, you can gain insight into your business functions and help you improve them to maximize the use of resources to increase your productivity.

2. 24/7 remote tracking of your boat

All boat GPS tracking systems are capable of connecting to a smartphone app or computer so you can check on your boat in seconds at any time of the day. We make securing your boat convenient and easy!

3. Protect your assets

With the Jimi JM-LL02 Waterproof GPS Tracker, you can protect your assets from theft, sinking, unauthorized use, low battery, and more. When you choose to secure your boat with a GPS tracker, you can walk away with peace of mind knowing that any danger will alert you immediately.

4. Power up your ship

Manage your ship with fewer resources. Use our integrated scheduling platform to maximize output by organizing, scheduling, specifying work, and delivering. You really need to recognize what’s going on when the boat is out of sight. Integrate boats maintenance software with your asset management system to track and analyze increasingly complex boats data.

Why Jimi IoT?

Jimi provides the best and most reliable solutions for all your tracking needs. Our devices are compact in size and can be easily and discreetly attached to any surface. With constant 4G and Bluetooth connectivity, our devices log a wealth of data on low battery alerts, tamper alerts, vibration alerts, overspeed alerts, geofence entry/exit, and more, and help managers and owners schedule maintenance, create important Geofencing and assigning designated and safer routes.

Jimi has more than 20+ years of experience in the loT/loV industry and a team of experts to assist you in the adoption. We offer ready-todeploy solutions (with IoT SIM cards for worldwide connectivity) as well as OEM, ODM.and OBM services to suit your industry-specific needs.