The Best-selling Vehicle GPS Trackers in 2022

The Best-selling Vehicle GPS Trackers in 2022


Increasingly, vehicle tracking is needed in a variety of scenarios as transportation and technology evolve. There are an increasing number of commercial or industrial fleets now owned by businesses and organizations. As a result, understanding the costs of vehicle maintenance, fuel consumption, driver performance, insurance, and service is an important business function. Fleet management is essential for improving safety, achieving compliance, and promoting sustainability, and GPS trackers provide the technology to support fleet management by enhancing safety, increasing efficiency, and achieving compliance.
JimiIoT has been deeply involved in the IoT industry for a long time, and is in the process of developing and innovating in the niche category of vehicle GPS trackers. From 2G trackers to 4G trackers, JimiIoT have been innovating for more than 10 years with the concept of helping customers improve efficiency, manage assets, and actively innovate – and now we are creating the next product. Throughout this article, the author will introduce a few of the best-selling car GPS trackers from the perspective of different communication networks.

Among various 2G car GPS trackers, the basic model JM-VG03 comes out on top. In addition to supporting a wide voltage range from 9-90V, the JM-VG03 series is also suitable for a wide variety of vehicles. In addition to being able to be installed concealed, it provides faster and more accurate positioning due to its large antenna built-in. Furthermore, tamper alarms and power disconnection are also anti-theft features. Its anti-theft features and a wide range of application scenarios have gained it recognition among many customers, with the Indian market recording the heaviest sales.

Additionally, the X3 offers the best performance among advanced models. X3 is optimized for vehicle tracking. Furthermore, it includes G-sensors, door sensors, and I/O ports to allow multiple external types of devices for different applications to be connected to the vehicle in real-time, including two-way communication and driving behavior reporting. Consequently, the X3 also has impressive sales as a result of its advantages.

There is no doubt that JM-VL03 is the hottest seller among the new 4G vehicle GPS trackers. With a wide voltage range of 9-90 volts, it is the only 4G tracker that is compatible with most vehicles, demonstrating its technical appeal in managing different types of mobile assets. This LTE-enabled system is backed up by GSM (2G) to ensure solid connectivity in almost all situations, and its Driver Behavior Analysis (DBA) and event-triggered alert system greatly enhance management efficiency, making it a favorite among many developed market customers.

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