The Latest GT06N Manual You Should Have

The Latest GT06N Manual You Should Have


Are you looking for GT06N manual? Here you can get the latest version.

1. Interface description

GPS LED Indicator Blue
Flashing (interval 0.1s) Searching
GPS signal
Solid blue GPS
GPS fix or initializing
GSM LED Indicator Green
Quick flashing (interval 0.1s) GSM
Slow flashing (flash 0.1s every 2s) Receive
GSM signal normally
Solid green Connected
to GSM network
GSM signal
Power Status Red
Flashing (interval 0.1s) Low
Slow flashing (interval 0.2s) Full
Slow flashing (flash 0.1s every 2s) Normal
Solid Red Charging
battery/Power off

Ignition detection indication: three LED indicators take turns flashing.

2. Getting Started
Please follow below instructions for ensuring safe and correct use.
2.1 Install the SIM card
Place the SIM card into the device with the gold-colored side facing down.
Note: Make sure there is enough credit on the SIM card. If you will be using the GPRS function, you should pay attention to the current SIM card GPRS charge.


2.2 Install the device
You need to choose somewhere that it won’t be found. Installation please refers to below picture.


a. Any high power devices such as reversing radar, antitheft device or communication equipment would affect the signal of the device.
b. All metallic cases of the windshield will attenuate the signal on the tracking device. It’s simply due to the shielding effects of the metal compound of the case.


2.3 Wiring configuration

Line No.




1. 2



Connect to SOS button

3. 4


Black/ Red

Connect to Microphone




Sending data (TX)/backup




Receiving data (RX)/backup




Ground wire




Connect to relay control line




Connect to ACC ignition




Negative side of 12V/24V car storage




Notes of the relay wiring
The relay wiring of pump: oil connectors of both ends are a fine white line (85) and a fine yellow line (86). The fine white line (85) is connected to vehicle positive power (+12V). The fine yellow line is connected to the device relay control line. Cut off the positive connection line of the pump; then connect in series to the relay N.C. contact (thick green line 87a) and the other end to relay COM contact (thick green line 30).


2.4 Device wiring diagram

Please choose the right relay (12V-standard / 24V- optional) for the proper installation.

2.5 Power/ACC/Tele-cutoff(petrol/electricity) control line (4 pin)

a.Your device comes with a power cord and is designed to use only manufacturer-specified original device. The red line is positive while the black one is negative (the side should not be connect with ground wire).
b.The ACC line (white) connects to ACC switch of the vehicle. Please be sure to connect the ACC line; otherwise the device will enter ignition detection status when disconnect the ACC line. If you don’t need to anti-theft temporarily, just connect the ACC line to the positive side in parallel.
c.Tele-cutoff (petrol/ electricity) control line (yellow) is connected to pin 86 of the Tele-cutoff (petrol/ electricity) relay (equal to the yellow line of the relay socket).
d.USB cable (3 pin)
Firmware updating interface/expanded function to reserve space.
e.MIC line (2 pin)
Externally connect to microphone for voice monitoring function.
f.SOS line (2 pin)
Externally connect to SOS switch for SOS function.

3. Quick Operation Instructions
Operation Tips: To properly use the device, common parameters should be set before initial use. This can be done by using the parameter editor or by sending SMS commands to the device. (“,”should be English comma and no space before and after the comma)

3.1 APN setting
To ensure GPRS is activated, please make sure APN is correct. You can send SMS command to set APN:
APN command format: APN,APN’s Name#
E.g: APN,internet# “( internet” is the APN of carrier) The device will reply“OK”if setting successfully.
Note: The APN of some countries have user name and password, you may need to send SMS command as following: APN,APN name,user name,password#

3.2 Server setting
Default platform is
To connect to other platform, please send the SMS command to change the DNS or server IP:
DNS : SERVER,1,DNS,Port,0#
E.g: SERVER,1,,21100,0# IP: SERVER,0,IP,Port,0#
It will reply “OK” after set successfully.

When you want to disable GPRS, you can SMS command to the SIM card number which used in the device.
Command format:
It will reply “OK” after set successfully.

3.4 Add specific number
SMS command to the device to set the SOS number.
SOS,A,No.1,No.2,No.3#“A” means to add new numbers, for example: SOS,A, 13510905991,13510905992,13510905993#
If there is only one SOS number, you can appoint a specific number as SOS number. And the null means no adding.
For example:
SOS,A,13510905991# means to set the first number as SOS number
SOS,A,,13510905992# means to set the second number as SOS number
SOS,A,,,13510905993# means to set the third number as SOS number
If set successfully, there is a “success” reply SMS.

3.5 Delete specific number
Before deleting specific number, please check its corresponding code. For the code, please SMS “PARAM#” to the device.
SMS command to the device to delete the number.

SOS,D,serial NO.1,serial NO.2,serial NO.3#
SOS,D,1# means to delete the first number SOS,D,3# means to delete the third number
If you want to delete more than one numbers, you can send this command:
SOS,D,1,3# means to delete the first and third numbers.
If you forget serial number of the mobile number you want delete, you can send this command:
SOS,D,mobile number# means to delete the mobile number directly.
For example:
SOS,D,13527852360# means to delete the 13527852360 directly. After deleting the SOS number, it will receive “Delete number 135XXXXXXXX success! specific number total 2” for successful deleting of the specific number.

3.6 Set the center number
If you want to cut off/restore oil by SMS command, you have to
set a center number firstly. Only the center number can send the cut off/restore oil command to the device. You can set your own mobile number as center number.
The command for setting center number is:
CENTER,A,mobile number#
For example:CENTER,A,15942703401#
If set successfully, there is an “OK” reply message.

NOTE:Only the SOS number can be used to set center number successfully.

3.7 Delete the center number
SMS command to the device to delete the center number.
The command is:CENTER,D#
For example:CENTER,D#
If set successfully, there is an “OK” reply SMS.

NOTE:Only the SOS number can be used to delete center number successfully.
Only SOS phone number can send this command successfully to set the center number. There is only one center number can be set.

3.8 Check parameter setting
Send command to the terminal, you can check the parameter setting. Command format: PARAM#
e.g.: PARAM#
Information replied:
IMEI: 353419032348877 —IMEI number of the device; Timer: 10,10; —GPS data uploading Interval; SENDS:5; — the GPS working time when ACC is OFF;
SOS: 15942703401; — SOS numbers, maximum 3 SOS numbers can be set and used for alarm and monitoring;
Center Number: 15942703401; —only 1 center number can be set and used for cutting off /restoring oil command; Sensorset:10,1,5,180 — detect 5 vibrations in 10s; the alarm delay is 180s;
Defense time: 10; — the defense delay is 10 minute; TimeZone:E,8,0; — set time zone; default as E8.
The replied information contains IMEI number, GPS data uploading interval, SENDS, SOS, center number, sensorset time interval, defense time and time zone.

3.9 Check GPRS parameters
SMS command format:GPRSSET# Eg:GPRSSET#
Reply message:
GPRS:ON //GPRS on/off status//
Currently use APN:,,; //APN setting information//
Server:1,,8841,0; //platform information// URL:; //preset web link setting information //

3.10 GPS data uploading interval
The default sending interval is 10,10. It means when ACC ON ,the device will upload positioning data to platform server every 10s.when ACC OFF ,the device will upload positioning data to platform server every 10s.
Users can modify sending interval by SMS “TIMER,time1(seconds), time2(seconds)#” The time1&time2 ranges from 10-18000s For example:TIMER,10,20#
It means when ACC ON ,the device will upload positioning data to platform server every 10s.when ACC OFF ,the device will upload positioning data to platform server every 20s.

3.11 Sensor alarm time setting
When the vehicle power is off and ACC is in low-level, if ACC is off over 10 minutes, the device will enter sensor alarm state. In this case, if the vehicle vibrates for a few times, it will activate the vibration alarm system. If the vehicle battery is still not on (ACC is in low level) after 3 minutes, the device will start vibration alarm.
SMS format: “DEFENSE,TIME(minutes)#” The time ranges from 1 to 60 mins.
For example: DEFENSE,15#. It means when ACC is in low level for 15mins, it will enter sensor alarm status (vehicle power is off)

1.Preset SOS numbers when send SMS alarm messages and calls.
2.If there is no need for vibration alarm, please SMS SENALM,OFF# to close it.

3.12 Restore to factory setting
SMS command format: “FACTORY#” to set all parameter to default factory value. Once received “OK”, it succeeds.

3.13 Reboot device
When there is something wrong with the link of GPRS, e.g., The parameter setting of the device is correct, but you can’t track the car on the platform. At this moment you can send a command to the device to reboot the device.
The format is: RESET#
After receiving this command, the device will reboot after 1mins.

4. Operation of device
4.1 Power on/ Power off
Power on: Once insert a valid SIM card and connect all the wires, turn on the device, then Power LED will flash first, During signal searching process, GSM and GPS LED will flash. Once GPS LED keeps solid light, it means the device has been located and it starts to work.
Power off: Just turn off the power switch.
The device will begin to upload positioning data to server once inserting a valid SIM card and power on. During the working time, it can upload data to server every 10 seconds.

4.2 Check location
a. Via SMS
1.1 SMS “WHERE#”, to the SIM number of device. The device
will send a location message automatically. You can get the coordinates. If the device does not search any information of location, it will send “No data” to the cell phone.
Example: Lat:N22.571285,Lon:E113.877115,Course:42.20,Speed:0
.0740,DateTime:10-11-23 22:28:51
1.2 SMS “URL#”, to the SIM number of device. The device will send a location Google Map link. If the device does not search any information of location, it will send “No data” to the cell phone.
<Date Time:10-11-23 23:42:51>

b. Via platform
Go to the platform website offered by dealers to check your vehicle location.

4.3 SOS alarm
In emergent case, press SOS for 3s to activate SOS alarm. Then the device will send SOS SMS to preset specific numbers and then dial the numbers in circles until the call is picked up. At the meantime, the device will upload SOS alarm data to the server. And it will send:
SOS Alarm! <DateTime:11-06-17 14:53:06>,,E113.916585


4.4 Wire cut-off alarm
When the electricity supply of device is cut off, it will activate cut-off alarm. In this case, the device will send related SMS to the specific numbers and dial the numbers in circles. If nobody answers, the call just keeps 3 loops at most. At the meantime, the device will upload SOS alarm data to the server. And it will send:
Cut Power!<Date Time:11-06-17 14:53:06>,,E113.916585

4.5 Low battery alarm
When the device is only working with battery, once the internal voltage of battery is less than 3.7V, device will send low battery alarm sms to specific number and alarm on platform.
Low battery alarm sms content example: “Attention!!!battery too low, please charge.” Which means the battery is to low, to inform user charging it in time.

4.6 Vibration alarm
The vibration alarm function is off by default. To activate this function, please send the following command: SENALM, ON#. The alarm will be sent to both the service platform and SOS numbers.
When vehicle power is off, ACC status is low, and if the lead time of low ACC is more than 10 minutes (settable), device will activate security alarm. When the security alarm is on, once the vehicle vibrates for several times, the alarm will be activated; in the next 3 minutes, if vehicle power is still off(ACC status is low), device will start alarm. At this time, it will send alarm message to the service platform with the latitude and longitude, while the platform will reply the Chinese address. Then the terminal will send vibration alarm message to SOS numbers with the Chinese address, and call the SOS numbers in cycle. If nobody answers, it will stop calling after 3 loops.
If the Chinese address can not be acquired for certain reason, the terminal will send a message with the website link to the SOS numbers.
e.g.:Sensor Alarm!<11-23 14:53>,,E113.916585

Note: 1.The SOS numbers should be preset.
2.Send“SENALM, OFF#” to turn off the vibration alarm.

4.7 Voice monitoring
When the special number cell phone dial device, ringing for 10 seconds, it will enter voice monitoring status. At this time, caller can monitoring the sound in vehicle. Incoming call from non special number will not activate voice monitoring function.

Note: To realize this function, please set special number beforehand. The Simcard put into device should be equipped with caller identification.

4.8 Oil cut-off
a.Via platform
Send oil cut-off command on platform. To make sure the security of vehicle, tracker can only indicate to cut off oil when GPS is in valid position status, and the speed is less than 20KM/H or in static.
Platform account password is needed when sending oil cut off command.

b. Via SMS
Firstly, you should set a center number. Please refer to 6.6.Only center number can send the command to the device to cut off and restore oil.
The format is: RELAY,1#
After the command is carried out, it will reply “Cut off the fuel supply: Success! Speed:0 Km/h”. If the command didn’t carry out, it will reply the reason about fail to carry out
Note: To ensure the safety of the driver and the car, this command is valid only under two conditions: the GPS is located; the speed is less than 20km/h.

4.9 Restoring Oil
a. Via platform
When the alarm is off, sending recover oil commands manually. Device will restore oil supplying, and vehicle will work normally again. Platform account password is needed when sending oil cut off command.
b. Via SMS
Only center number can send the command to the device to restore oil.
The format is: RELAY,0#
After the command is carried out, it will receive “Restore fuel supply:Success!”

4.10 Over speed Alarm
When the car is moving over a limited speed in average in a limited time period, then the device will send over speed alarm SMS to user. To turn on the over speed function, please send below SMS command: SPEED,ON/OFF,Time,Limited speed,uploading mode# Speed alarm switch:ON/OFF default:OFF
Time range (seconds):5-600s(default as 20s) Limited speed range(km/h):1-255km/h. default:100
Mode:0/1. default:1 way of alarming,0 means GPRS only,1 means SMS+GPRS

Means when the car is moving over 100km/h in average in 20 seconds,the device will send over speed alarm to user.

5. Web based tracking online activation
The GPRS web based tracking platform allows real time tracking with the latest Google maps. There is also a playback feature that allows you to view where the vehicle has been for up to 30 days in the past making it ideal for fleet management.

6. Trouble shooting
If you are having trouble with your device, try these troubleshooting procedures before contacting a service professional.




Fail to connect platform

The fuse

Replace the

ACC ignition

Turn on ACC
with key

Fail to connect network

Wrong installation of SIM card

Check SIM card installation (Refer to 4.1 Install SIM card)

Filth on the SIM card iron surface.

Clean it

Useless SIM

Contact internet service provider


installation of device (Refer to
4.2 Install the device)

Beyond GSM
service area

Use it in effective GSM service offer area

Bad signal

Try again in a better signal area

Fail to

The voltage
is unsuitable

Connect with power with suitable voltage


Check connection with charger

If you need further help, please don’t hesitate to contact us!