Use Jimi IoT Vehicle Camera to Effectively Prevent Traffic Accidents

Use Jimi IoT Vehicle Camera to Effectively Prevent Traffic Accidents


In 2019, a car owner in California captured footage of a thief attempting to break into his car. The footage, recorded by a vehicle camera installed on the dashboard, clearly showed the thief’s face and the license plate of the car he arrived in. The footage was shared with the police and the thief was later arrested and charged.

In 2020, a driver in Toronto was charged with careless driving and fined after being caught on camera colliding with a cyclist. The footage, captured by a vehicle camera, clearly showed the driver failing to give the cyclist enough space while passing. The footage was used as evidence in court and led to a conviction.

Many drivers today are still skeptical of vehicle cameras, but in reality, they offer far more benefits than most people realize. Vehicle cameras can help drivers avoid accidents, prevent theft, and even provide evidence for insurance claims. In many cases, vehicle cameras have proven to be invaluable in emergency situations.

Jimi IoT is a leading brand that specializes in the production of vehicle cameras, and its products have high market recognition and reputation. In this article, we will introduce the dash cameras of Jimi IoT and their features.

The JC450, an LTE dashcam system designed specifically for use in commercial vehicles, is capable of recording 4/5 separate channels simultaneously and provides valuable ADAS and DMS algorithms that actively assist drivers to increase awareness and safety on the road by providing real-time, actionable alerts. Video clips triggered by key events or the in-cab SOS button are saved to the cloud for later review or evidentiary support.

The JC400 camera system is an ideal companion for everyday driving and long-distance hauling. Besides the front-facing camera that records what is happening on the road, it is equipped with a cabin-facing camera that records everything inside the car as well. Other features of the JC400 Dual Channel Dash Cam include live tracking, reckless driving, emergency calls, and more, allowing it to be used to deter crime, record bad drivers, and quickly resolve disputes or false claims relating to traffic accidents.

The updated windshield-mounted, cloud-capable JC400P camera system exhibits a wholly-integrated design, where the 1080P front camera records everything on the road and the 720P built-in inward-facing sub-camera captures what happens in the cabin. The JC400P 4G dashcam enables you to get a complete view of the situation in case of an accident or emergency, day in and day out.

JC400D is a video telematics system featuring two cameras, an integrated 1080P road-facing one, and a detachable driver-facing one. JC400D leverages high-end DMS technology and helps capture what matters most to your business to coach your drivers, mitigate risks, defend against fraudulent insurance claims, and protect your business’ reputation. The JC400D LTE dash camera system works independently of any phone or hotspot, ensuring reliable and smooth recording on the road.

The JC120 front-facing dash cam features a 110-degree field of view (horizontal) that captures and saves important details in 1080P HD video footage. This is a good choice for a wide range of applications–ride-hailing fleets, insurance telematics, car dealerships, private cars, and more.

Advantages of Jimi IoT’s vehicle camera

High-quality images: Jimi IoT’s vehicle camera use high-definition lenses and wide-angle lenses, which can capture clear and comprehensive images, providing strong evidence in case of accidents.

Night vision function: Jimi IoT’s vehicle camera support the night vision function, which can ensure driving safety even at night and provide clear images.

Loop recording and emergency event-saving function: Jimi IoT’s vehicle camera also support loop recording and emergency event-saving functions, which can better protect the legitimate rights and interests of car owners.

Application of Jimi IoT’s vehicle cameras

Jimi IoT’s vehicle cameras are suitable for various types of vehicles, including cars, buses, trucks, etc. They can effectively prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents and can provide strong evidence in case of accidents, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of car owners.

In summary, Jimi IoT’s vehicle cameras are high-quality and high-performance vehicle security devices, which have many advantages such as high-definition lenses, wide-angle lenses, night vision functions, loop recordings, emergency event saving functions, etc. They are suitable for various types of vehicles, can effectively prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents, and can provide strong evidence in case of accidents.