4G OBD tracking terminal JM-VL04 has been released.

4G OBD tracking terminal JM-VL04 has been released.


On Mar 11, Jimi IoT has released the fourth 4G tracking device in Q1, 2020 – the JM-VL04, a 4G OBD vehicle tracker with rich feature set, and perfectly suitable for vehicle insurance (especially Usage-based insurance), auto finance, and professional fleet management.


First of all, the INS (inertial navigation system) module, which consists of a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope, is adopted on JM-VL04, that means you will be able to obtain the advanced functions of INS on this 4G device, such as INS-aided positioning, precise mileage calculation, and professional driving behavior analysis. For the sake clarity, here is an explanation as below:


1.    INS-aided positioning: When your vehicle has entered an area with poor GNSS signal, or without it, the device will automatically switch to INS-aided positioning. In this mode, the device will calculate current position by using a previously determined position and previous motion data sensed by the device, including speed, heading direction, acceleration, linear and angular velocity, etc (a.k.a dead reckoning), and upload new positions to server through network communication, therefore, you can view them on platform and app.


2.    Precise mileage calculation (precision >98%): By using a unique algorithm, the device can calculate the relative
distance of a very short period by comparing the new position and the previous one based on previous motion data, and gather all the relative distances to form the report of mileage, then upload to server.


3.    Professional driving behavior analysis: As mentioned above, the device can sense the vehicle velocity, acceleration speed, angular velocity, and more, that’s the cornerstone of driving behavior analysis. This feature can be used for detecting 8 types of typically improper driving behaviors – harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering, sudden lance change, collision, skidding, rollover, and roll & pitch, in the case that one of them has been triggered, you will receive instant SMS/platform/app alert.


Moreover, the combination with microphone and speaker is another significant reinforcement for your management. With the built-in microphone, you can listen in the driving cab remotely and, when emergency or special incident is happening, you can record the voice for future evidence. As for the speaker, which is used for reminding drivers to act carefully, will sound human voice (in English) when dangerous driving behaviors have been detected.


No doubt that OBD II tracker brings you convenience because of its effortless installation, but the convenience doesn’t limit here. The JM-VL04 supports the Bluetooth connection between itself and your mobile phone, by which you will find it easier to configure parameters, upgrade software, and debug.


Jimi IoT will carry on our commitment to creating more effective and beneficial telematics products and solutions and bringing more convenience to our customers. We are well-prepared for future challenges and changes, but more importantly, we are always dedicated to making connections simpler!


You can click here to learn more details about JM-VL04.