4G Solar Powered GPS Tracker LL303 Is Ready for You.

4G Solar Powered GPS Tracker LL303 Is Ready for You.


New arrival! We are glad to announce the newly-developed asset tracker, LL303, the LTE Cat1 wireless tracker designed to handle outdoor fleet applications ranging from construction machinery and vessel to public transportation and beyond.



The solar panel with magnetic charger ensures a long standby time in almost all cases, the LL303 can provide up to 2 years of working time on a single charge, and a hall effect sensor will be triggered and an alert sent once detachment occurs, thus fleet managers can rest assured that their assets are under constant protection.


The LL303, with its great compatibility, lets you expand its functions by using various Bluetooth accessories according to your needs. Whether it is that you want to know the fuel consumption or the door status of your fleet vehicles, this powerful device can be customized to streamline your operations and boost efficiency.


Featuring the IP67 waterproof rating, this GPS tracker is ideal for a variety of deployments that require continued optimal performance even in the toughest conditions, and a synergy of multiple positioning systems ensures strong signal acquisition and more accurate location information.


In addition to these features, the temperature/humidity sensor, vehicle status detection, and RFID reader will make the LL303 a perfect solution to maximize your fleet operations for years to come.


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