5G era is coming smart home is going to flourishing.

5G era is coming smart home is going to flourishing.


Before going home, the air conditioner has been turned on. After going home, the hot water has been burned. The rice has been cooked automatically. The news content that needs to be browsed every day is regularly pushed to your mobile phone. The smart home system can also monitor the internal details of the home and read it. Take data on daily life of the family.

Compared with 4G communication, 5G communication can provide a wider coverage of signal, and the speed of Internet access, traffic density is higher, low latency, high reliability, low power consumption, large connections, people can directly imagine the 5G network. The most direct imagination of people on 5G networks is that they can penetrate into the Internet of Things and bring imagination to the Internet of Everything.

New imaginary space in smart home

5G reaches 10Gb per second, 5G network can carry more device connections and transmit more traffic, while smart home appliances and home security data transmission in smart homes need stable and fast communication network. The essence of the smart home control system is to connect the isolated information through multiple sensors, and the short board developed in the smart home is the delay between the device exchange information transmission under the 4G network. In the 5G era, it can make the “perception” and transmission speed between devices faster and more sensitive. Therefore, the smart home will also have new imagination space in the 5G era.


First of all, one of the most obvious advantages of 5G is “fast transmission speed”, which will give users a better experience. At present, all smart home devices operate at low power and exchange information in different ways, which increases the delay between device transmissions and affects the entire smart home life experience, especially at home. This is especially true between video and video calls. Of course, for the wiring industry, it is a big challenge and an opportunity. The ultra-high-speed transmission of 5G facilitates the detection and management of information, which makes the “perception” between devices more precise and helps to improve the intelligence of the entire smart home control system.

In addition, the smart home control system connects isolated information through multiple sensors, but these connections are not enough. Each manufacturer is focused on connecting its own products, lacking a common industry standard, and this relatively closed environment is not conducive to the development of smart homes. In the future, passing a 5G network may help solve this problem. Since 5G technology sets standards through leading international authorities, this directly breaks the chaotic situation of each manufacturer’s custom standards and separatists, and is conducive to promoting the vigorous development of the smart home market.

With the advent of the 5G era, IoT-related smart devices will be widely used in home life, and smart homes will bring further improvement to people. For this reason, the huge market potential of smart home will be fully stimulated, which is also one of the reasons why Internet, traditional home appliances, home furnishing and technology company giants such as BAT, haier, midea, nature home furnishing, huawei and xiaomi enter this “blue ocean” in groups.


New opportunities for family security development

At present, the home monitoring market is gradually prospering, and security products play an important role in protecting family safety and crime prevention. The home security market has huge potential demand. In recent years, with the strong support of national policies, projects such as safe cities, safe communities and smart cities have been promoted in various parts of the country, and the concept of national security has been formed. This has laid a solid mass foundation for the rapid expansion of the home security market. 

With the advent of 5G network, the tariff rate in unit traffic will definitely gradually decline, and the problems of some signals and application promotion, such as home security and smart home, will probably be solved. Hundreds of millions of security devices applied in families will be introduced into ordinary families, providing an opportunity for the development of household security industry.

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