9 Lies That GPS Tracker Supplier Fool You

9 Lies That GPS Tracker Supplier Fool You


Want to install a GPS tracker on your car, but feel confused because there are too many varieties? Too many functions to find out the really practical tracking devices? Afraid of being tricked into buying the inferior-quality products? Are you facing such problems? Don’t worry! Now Jimi IoT gives you an insight into every aspect of a car’s GPS tracking device that no one can fool you into buying.

1. Our GPS accuracy is within 5 meters.
The GPS we use today is civilian GPS, not the military level GPS. For GPS and Beidou positioning, the positioning accuracy is generally about 10 meters under good signal conditions (open ground, sunny days and other ideal conditions). If it is LBS (base station) positioning, the accuracy is generally between 100 meters and 1000 meters.
GPS accuracy is to be achieved through a certain algorithm, which has a high requirement for the environment at that time. If there are high-rise buildings around, interference signal sources, cloudy weather and other influences, positioning accuracy error will certainly be relatively large. The precision that the market says is in the ideal condition that achieves. Even for the same machine and the same place, it is normal to have different positioning accuracy in different time periods.

2. Our WIFI positioning is absolutely accurate.
Many people think that the triple positioning and quadruple positioning trackers are very powerful, especially the WIFI positioning, which is very high-tech and can be positioned very accurately even indoors. In fact, this is just a gimmick. If you know how WIFI location works, you may not have such high expectations.
Simply speaking, WIFI positioning only uses the WIFI signal source to determine the IP address of the signal and then resolve it to your location. That is the address you registered with the operator when you pulled the cable. But now almost every house has WIFI, which signal will be acquired no one knows, so you should question the analysis of accuracy location.  WIFI positioning does have an auxiliary side, but don’t rely too much on it.

3. Our product features the most multifunction so it is the best.
In fact, multifunction is not equal to best. some GPS equipment has a simpler function, but the performance will be more stable. Functional support is not the same as function. Many functions of GPS locators only can be realized by relying on accessories. If GPS supports these functions, it should be used with accessories. If it is not supported, it cannot be realized.

4. Every battery supports extra-long standby.
Standby time is directly proportional to battery capacity. However, not all high-capacity batteries are suitable for positioning. The battery has many varieties, in peacetime use process also can have a self-discharge phenomenon, that is to say, the battery will consume its own power. If the self-discharge of the battery itself is very high, even if big capacity will not realize long standby. One obvious type of battery that can’t be used for long is the polymer pack battery. Normally, this kind of battery has a high self-discharge rate.

5. Our tracker is the smallest and works reliably.
Without reducing the configuration of components, if the GPS tracker is smaller, it would have higher technology, better concealment, and is easier to take, also, the small GPS tracker usually enjoys greater popularity. For R&D personnel, in a limited area to lay so many lines, components,   it requires comprehensive control ability and overall planning ability. However, smaller is not always better.
The main parts of the tracker are GPS module and GSM antenna, and these two parts take up relatively large space. If ignoring their space, it would impact the signal a lot. Without a fixed GSM antenna, or even a small cord to replace it, the signal is not only poor but erratic.

6. Our small wireless tracker can last up to five years.
Wireless GPS trackers rely heavily on batteries. If the battery capacity is not enough, the probability that the tracking equipment lasts 5 years is very small. To last five years, the battery capacity must be at least 10,000 mAh.
The capacity of the wireless GPS tracking device is limited, but the advertisement that every businessman puts out may have some different, for instance, the battery that is 2800mAH likewise, some manufacturers hit “standby 3 years” slogan, and some say “standby 5years”. Well…3 years or 5 years, it is related to how to definite. For example, GPS tracker only update once a day, it can last 3 years; wireless GPS tracking device lasts 5 years in sleep mode(not work unless waking up). So, when buying a wireless GPS tracker, be aware of what standby time means.

7. No SIM card, no traffic, no traffic fee.
First, without a sim card, the GPS tracker is unworkable. We can look at how GPS works:
a.GPS tracking equipment gets satellite signals
b.sent signal to the server over the network
c.server calculates latitude and longitude and parses out the exact location
d.location is displayed on the PC or APP.
It can be seen from the principle that the main purpose of GPS tracking device is to obtain satellite signals and send them to the server, and send information requires a network, in other words, the network that needs SIM card to send. So it is impossible to use GPS locators without sim cards.
If you buy a GPS tracker, you would also purchase a SIMcard, the card is generally free for one year, and start charging from the second year. Some businesses would put a sim card in the GPS device together, let you buy tracker and card at the same time. The first year is of course without any traffic fees, however, in the second year, when using up traffic, your warranty period also passed, it is difficult to return products, even can’t find sellers.

8. We use GPS (in fact, only use the base station to cost down).
The price of GPS trackers on the market varies widely, from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Why there is such a big difference?
First of all, excluding the quality, manufacturers, after-sales and other factors, it is likely that you are buying a fake GPS locator. Many unscrupulous businesses will pass off the base station tracking device as GPS tracking units to fool those who have little GPS knowledge.
What’s the difference between base station positioning and GPS positioning?
Base station tracker is also called LBS tracker. Base station positioning is determined by the measured distance of the base station to the equipment. The positioning accuracy is about 50-2000 meters, depending on the coverage density of the base station near the positioning unit. If there are many base stations, the positioning is accurate; if there are few base stations in the mountain area, the positioning is not so precise. Global Positioning System (GPS) is the satellite navigation and positioning system developed by the United States. The positioning accuracy is about 10 meters.
The modules used for GPS positioning are much higher than those used for base station positioning. As long as the positioning error range is too large, it can be suspected that it is base station positioning.

9. Free lifetime platform.
The platform is free for life, which frequently appears in many promotional campaigns. The most important thing is to distinguish whether the platform is owned by the operator/dealers or the manufacturer. If it is the operator/dealers, that would be a possibility. If the platform belongs to the manufacturer and the operator/dealers is only responsible for selling the hardware piece, well… be careful. The use fee of the GPS platform is finally handed over to the manufacturer, and the operator/dealers only collect the service fee. Operator/dealers platform service fee is paid according to the years, but after change operators/dealers, it is highly possible that manufacturer does not support free charge for life, because the operator/dealers is not a one-time payment for manufacturer for life, and each GPS tracker is different, there is no guarantee that hong long your tracking device can be used and then determine how to charge the lifetime cost.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional GPS tracker manufacturer, it can not only avoid being cheated but also save you a lot of cost and time. Jimi IoT has been deeply involved in the field of high-end IoT products for more than 10 years, and our products can meet the needs of different customers, including GPRS+GPS tracker, 3G WCDMA tracker, 4G LTE tracking device, plug-and-play OBD vehicle tracker, etc. Jimi’s product can be used for tracking of vehicles, individuals, pets and assets. Also, we do OEM/ODM business according to the different needs of our customers. Please contact us if you need.