Build Your Own Tracking System with Vehicle GPS Tracker.

Build Your Own Tracking System with Vehicle GPS Tracker.


When you found your car or motorcycle stolen outside your home or your office, call the police is a possible method, but in fact, what the police is able to do apart from log the event for insurance purposes? The police will take care of the car or motorcycle but they will not pay much attention to it and the helicopter will not get involved unless the thief uses the lost car or motorcycle in the course of committing another offense, such as a robbery, or drives the car or motorcycle in such a manner that draws attention to it. We all know that commercial tracking system is quite expensive, so why don’t you take this matter into your hands and build your own tracking system? Having your own web-based mobile GPS tracking system doesn’t have to be a complicated and expensive ordeal. Now you can build your own simple mobile GPS tracking system from a laptop and have the data delivered, via Internet, right to your own computer. With the addition of a web server, and Google Maps client-side JavaScript, you’ll be able to see the data over the web on an interactive map!

What Do You Need to Build a Mobile Tracking System?

Well, if you want to build your own mobile tracking system, you have to need these elements:  An old but working GSM mobile phone with SIM card, also used GSM GPS tracker in Jimilab, and a car charger to match the phone; One plastic box bigger than the phone but as small as possible, it is used for the patting box, preferably one with screws to secure the lid and available from a electronics retailer; A small amount of potting compound, available from a good electronics retailer. Industrial strength self-adhesive velcro strip (enough to cover the rear of the phone); Length of two core 5amp flex length depending on how far from the vehicle battery you are fitting the unit; Inline fuse holder, available from a local auto parts dealer. (with 1 amp fuse); Battery terminal connectors.

Well, the next step you should build your vehicle gps tracking device. Cover the back of your mobile phone with one side of the velcro strips. Remove the pip and solder the brown lead from your flex to this connection, remove the side spring and solder the blue lead from your flex to this connection. Carefully tape over the solder joints you have made, and place together with any components that were in the charger into the potting box with the potting compound and allow to cure. Once cured the components will be protected from moisture and damage. Connect the charger to the phone. Site the tracker unit out of sight but in the place where it will not be subject to excessive vibration, or where moisture may get into the unit. Also as far away as possible from things like alternators, indicator relays, electronic ignition units, and other sources of possible RF interference.

Whenever you turn on a mobile phone, it has at least three cell base units, sometimes it has more units which choose your cell phone signals, the signal between each cell sites is compared to ensure the signal strength. This is known as triangulation and accuracy increase the more cell sites are involved. Jimilab is a professional supplier of GPS tracker if you want to get these devices and solutions, welcome to contact with us.

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