Car Dash Camera could be the Entrance to the Telematics.

Car Dash Camera could be the Entrance to the Telematics.


In recent years, traffic accidents emerge in an endless stream, causing road congestion and endangering lives. The deliberate impolite driving behavior has posed a threat to traffic safety. With the improvement of people’s safety awareness, almost every car will be equipped with a dashcam in order to ensure their own driving safety. Impolite driving behaviors have triggered a wide range of social discussions and stimulated the growth of demand for a dashcam. According to the consulting data of zhi-research, in 2018, China’s automobile dash camera industry produced about 33.554 million, imported about 202,000, exported about 7.547 million, and the domestic demand for automobile data recorder industry was about 26.209 million.

A car dash camera can record video images and sounds of the whole process of driving, which can provide evidence for traffic accidents. While driving, the driver can record the time, speed and location in the video-that is the equivalent of an airplane’s “black box.”

With the development of smart transportation, intelligent automobile data recorder has gradually entered people’s life. In addition to its basic functions, car dash camera can also provide one-click real-time upload, sharing and reporting, APP management, photos, and video cloud storage. It can even be used as DV shooting fun of life, or as home monitoring.

According to analysis, the smart dashcam is expected to account for 50% of the overall dash camera market in 2019, and this proportion will increase in the coming years.

In the Internet era, consumption has rapidly become a basic demand, and the value of car dash camera as the entry point of the Telematics has become apparent. Communication, voice recognition, depth optimization systems, automatic radar, Wifi connection, GPS, FM transmission, etc. have become standard equipment for dashcams and will become popular.

In the Internet of Things era, car dash camera can be connected with traffic police, road administration and other departments. It can also cooperate with insurance companies to connect with other equipment to further solve the problem of safe travel.

In the future, driven by the development of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies, the driving recorder will provide more diverse human-computer interaction and personalized services during the travel process, laying the foundation for the construction of Telematics through big data and cloud services.


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