Everything starts with the connection

Everything starts with the connection


Everything starts with the connection, and the Internet of Everything changes the direction of the future. In the new era of intelligence with Internet +, a series of subversions have led us to face up to the changes, and a long-lived life revolution is taking place.

Now, the pace of smart life has come to us. Some places have begun to renovate old communities, improve the problem of “difficult parking” and “the contradiction between property and residents”, and make life smart; some places develop new smart properties, and in the early stage of construction, they will put wisdom wings on the property. .

Because residents have needs, we have to build a future community. We also urgently need a higher modern living platform to provide life and work security for high-end talents from all corners of the country. Promoting the construction of smart properties is an important focus of future urban development.

With the continuous development and advancement of information technology, smart properties will bring more diversified and rich application experience to users, and the smart community will also present a more integrated and intelligent development trend. For example, people can enjoy diversified living needs such as online shopping, medical insurance, housekeeping services, education and entertainment without leaving home. The property can be integrated and controlled. The Internet information can automatically acquire the user’s home appliance equipment and the application status of the community infrastructure, and control it through intelligent control technology. The system can realize automatic and personalized system service during the application process. 

We believe that in the era of the Internet of Things to achieve the interconnection of all things, all industries will be smart, and a few meters as a provider of Internet of Things solutions, how to help enterprises achieve intelligent and efficient management, is also the direction we have been studying and exploring.

As the scale of property management continues to expand, truly empowering community services and making services simpler and more valuable is the starting point for our smart transformation design solutions for the property industry. Really create a data-based, networked, and intelligent community. Based on our cooperation with Microsoft in the cloud, big data processing and analysis, service management platform optimization, and the research and development strength of our IoT intelligent terminal, Jimmy integrated these resources and capabilities to create a smart property integrated management solution to effectively improve The intelligent management level of the community enables residents to experience the convenience, efficiency and comfort brought by intelligent services.

But even so, we still combine our own capabilities, from communication, positioning, video services, from the family to the community to the community, different priorities and pain points, integrate the following three targeted solutions: Dimensional management, personnel security management, indoor and outdoor real-time video surveillance management.

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