GPS tracking device and solutions for construction equipment.

GPS tracking device and solutions for construction equipment.


With the rapid development of the construction industry and increasingly fierce market competition, construction enterprises are in urgent need of some advanced, scientific and modern management tools to reduce production costs, in order to win the market competitiveness.

Jimi LL01 GPS tracking device for construction equipment was born in this market environment. The positioning terminal and tracksolid platform can effectively optimize the production and scheduling of the project, improve the efficiency of vehicle use and reduce production costs through vehicle dispatch, coordination of site vehicles, job scheduling, route planning, fuel consumption control.

GPS tracking device for construction equipment
Global Connectivity: One of the first products of its kind in the world to be certified by AT&T and PCTRB in North America with the next generation of low-power LTE Cat-M1/NB-IoT networks.
Vehicle positioning: fixed time continuous positioning, speed measurement, direction of motion, etc.
Remote monitoring: used to determine the scene after a robbery alarm.
Oil /Power outage: for remote locking of the vehicle in case of emergency.
Driving behavior analysis: provide fuel consumption, mileage, rapid acceleration, rapid braking, rapid turning, rapid lane change, collision and other data and warning information, regulate driving behavior, reduce vehicle accident rate.

GPS tracking platform for construction equipment
Real-time vehicle location query, with temporary scheduling: accurate positioning, support multiple viewing modes
Monthly Mileage: Know the real time congestion on the road and plan your route. Monthly mileage analysis to help management quickly and visually compare monthly vehicle usage
Vehicle dispatching, electronic fencing, eliminate the private use of public vehicles: the combination of non-working hours driving car report, to help the company to eliminate the phenomenon of private use of public vehicles

GPS tracking solutions for construction equipment
Reducing investment in vehicles risk more than 10 %
By transitioning from an empirical, fixed-engine mode to a visual dispatching and intelligent statistics function, dispatchers can obtain comprehensive and timely information on the dynamics from GPS tracking for construction equipment solutions to make rational resource allocation. Increase in vehicle utilization by more than 10-20 per cent, resulting in a reduction in vehicle purchases and a reduction in the significant additional costs associated with the addition of vehicles (e.g., increased road maintenance costs, driver salaries, fuel costs, consumable parts, etc.).

Resolve site “breakage” issues that often arise in scheduling
By using GPS tracking for construction equipment program, we can understand the number of vehicles in place at each site and the distance from the vehicle to the site dynamically, so that we can accurately make a high degree of accuracy, which can greatly reduce the phenomenon of material breakage at the site, avoid long time breakage leading to product quality problems and customer complaints, reduce customer complaints about the service, improve the reputation of the enterprise and enhance customer loyalty.

Address the problem of air blind spots in dispatch
While enterprises have to receive several or even a dozen construction sites every month, and drivers are often unfamiliar with the journey to the site, resulting in asking for directions for up to 10 minutes, due to scheduling does not know the specific location of the driver, the specific location of the site, can not give the driver the correct navigation, resulting in the driver taking the wrong road, wasting time, increasing vehicle tension. It also increases unnecessary fuel consumption, while the driver is driving and making phone calls, which also affects the safety of driving.

Reduce costs such as fuel consumption
The navigation function reduces the driver to take the wrong road, reduce the fuel consumption; the speeding alarm function, and the high speed will increase the vehicle fuel consumption; GPS tracking for construction equipment program can automatically count the mileage of each vehicle, each vehicle fuel consumption statistics. By comparing between vehicles, rewarding the good and punishing the bad, management guidance to encourage drivers to consciously save fuel, thus effectively reducing the average fuel consumption.

Restraining drivers from bad behaviour
The driver’s improper behavior brings great losses to the enterprise labor such as: fuel theft, material theft, speeding, idling, deliberate detouring, etc. And the GPS tracking for construction equipment program provides an intelligent regulatory means for fleet management.

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