How can we Solve the Main Problems of Logistics?

How can we Solve the Main Problems of Logistics?


The phenomenon of “violent sorting” is common in the logistics industry, and “violent sorting” directly leads to damage to goods and infringes on consumer rights. 

GPS asset tracking device built-in accelerometer effectively extracts the abnormality of the logistics sorting, providing an effective basis for the identification of logistics violence sorting behavior. 

Traditional on-board GPS is often used to track vehicles, and it is impossible to track the whole process of goods. Once the goods are operated at multiple levels and transported separately, tracking records may be lost. 

1. One GPS tracking device is bound with one package, realizing the whole process visualization and accurate positioning of the goods from out of the warehouse, transportation, transit, signing for receipt and storage, and providing data support for preventing cross-loading, stealing, stockpiling and remote inventory. 

2. According to the actual application scenarios of cargo transportation, the goods should be equipped with suitable GPS asset tracking products to ensure the continuity of cargo transportation. 

The harm brought by channel conflict to production enterprises is a pain point that many manufacturers have been unable to eliminate. How to realize the tracking and monitoring of commodities in each part of the circulation is particularly important. 

In combination with the geo-fence function, the key part of the goods circulation and the cities (such as destination cities, loading and unloading locations, transit warehouses, dealer warehouses, etc.) are set up to remind the alarm function. When the goods enter the destination, they automatically trigger the warning function, such as arrival notifications, cross-domain alarms, etc. 

Are the goods packed in good condition during transportation? Is the case unpacked halfway? Are goods flowing into the normal market?

The intelligent GPS asset tracking terminal adopts light sensor technology. After the unpacking of goods, the unpacking notice is uploaded immediately. The user combines multiple positioning technologies to determine whether the unpacking address is reasonable or not, providing an important judgment basis for cargo flow management. 

Is it possible to find out the responsible department quickly when there is an accident such as loss, damage or stealing of the goods? How to ensure the integrity of the logistics traceability chain? 

Users can select a time period (within 180 days) to inquire about the historical track of goods and ensure the integrity of the logistics tracing chain.

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