How Jimi Dashcams Help Your Fleet

How Jimi Dashcams Help Your Fleet


What is fleet dashcam system?

Dashcams are one of the latest advancements
in fleet management technology. In addition to traditional vehicle telematics
data, dashboard cameras (aka dashcams) add an extra layer of video data that
allows for even more opportunities to improve your fleet’s performance. In
recent years, professional vehicle operators across nearly every industry have
started implementing dashcam systems for their fleet vehicles as the various
benefits of the technology become clear. As a leader in the fleet management
industry, Jimi has helped partners across the world leverage dashcam systems to
improve the functioning of their fleets.


How do Jimi fleet dashcam systems work?

Dashcam systems include one or more cameras
that are programmed to record the road, the driver, the cargo bed, or all of
these things. Recording can be constant, or can be triggered only when certain
events occur, depending on application. Some fleet dashcam systems provide
simple, unadulterated video or still pictures of the vehicles surroundings, while
other more complicated systems can ‘read’ speed limits and street signs, and
detect distracted drivers. ‘Events’ that trigger a recording can be anything
from an instance of speeding or harsh braking to a smoking driver or pedestrian
crossing the road. At Jimi, we understand that no two use cases are identical,
and we have developed multiple dashcam solutions to fit every need; if you’re
not sure what kind of system would work best for you, we’re here to help.

How can Jimi dashcam help your

There are many benefits to implementing a
Jimi dashcam system for your fleet vehicles. From improving safety to
efficiency to increased liability protection, our dashcam solutions play a
vital role in protecting both an organizations employees and its bottom line.

First of all is driver safety. Many Jimi
dashcams are able to provide real-time coaching to drivers when they are
speeding, turning too harshly, or driving in some other unsafe way.
Furthermore, Jimi dashcams have an in-cabin SOS button that can be pressed by
the driver when they feel in danger; pressing this discreet button will summon
authorities or alert a preset contact that you select. As fleet video solutions
are increasingly implemented across industries worldwide, the evidence is
overwhelming; lives and money are saved when organizations invest in dashcamera
technology for their fleet.

Next is efficiency. With a Jimi dashcam and
tracking solution in your fleet’s vehicles, not only will your drivers be more
safe, but you’ll also get a host of usable data with which you can increase the
efficiency and performance of your fleet operations. In addition to knowing the
vehicles location, you can also check the status of the truckbed, see the
driver directly, or make other changes to your fleet allocation.

Another crucial benefit to implementing
dashcam systems in your fleet vehicles is the added protection that comes from
having video evidence of accidents. As many fleet drivers know, the fleet
vehicle is often blamed and held accountable for road accidents, regardless of
fault; with an installed dashcam system, fleets are often able to prove the
absence of liability for their drivers, or protect from frivolous claims, often
saving thousands of dollars.

How do you get started with Jimi fleet dashcams

Contact us today for more information about
which of our JC400 series dashcam would be best for your organization. The
JC400 has 3 different functional variants, with each having different bandwidth
versions to ensure proper cellular connection in your region. One of our
experienced salespeople will help you understand more about the product, and
provide a demo to see the benefits in action. We look forward to talking with
you about how we can help your connected business thrive; at Jimi, we love to
help our partners Make Connections Simpler.