How was the device intended to be used?

How was the device intended to be used?


The devices are used to protect our assets and monitor the driving
conditions. Let’s see these two examples:

JC400 is the ideal companion for daily driving and long-distance travel.
As a dual channel dash cam, it has a front camera to record what is happening
on the road, and a detached cabin-facing camera that records every detail
inside the car. As an integrated product, the JC400 Dual Channel Dash Cam
features live tracking and video capture, G-sensor, emergency calls, and more,
making it the perfect choice to deter crime, record bad motorists, and more quickly
resolve disputes resulting from traffic accidents.

JM-LL01 is an LTE asset tracker with ultra-long standby time. Depending
on reporting frequency, its low consumption internal battery can provide up to
3 years of working time on a single charge. The JM-LL01’s strong magnetic base
allows for effortless installation onto any metal surface, and a light sensor
will be triggered and an alert sent once detachment occurs, helping users to
feel totally assured that their assets are under constant protection.

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