Is IoT correct in combination with asset tracker?

Is IoT correct in combination with asset tracker?


Is IoT correct in combination with asset tracker?

1. Reduce time-consuming asset management. The typical process depends on some manual work, which is time consuming and opens the door to human error.

2. Real-time tracking. If your system is connected 24/7, you can use the IoT platform to see the location and status of your device in real time. This is essential for certain time-sensitive applications such as personal security and theft recovery.

3. A more automated process. IoT-based GPS asset tracking solutions can be used to automate relevant processes throughout the supply chain.

Recovery plan. In case of theft, the Internet of Things provides a way to find lost property.

Is mobile connection activation tracking appropriate?

If you are in the early stages of a global IoT deployment, you need to determine your connection type as soon as possible. Many of the above utility cases are built on the Internet of Things for mobile phones, which use the same network technology as smartphones, but there are several subcategories of mobile phone connection types. Options that match your data transfer goals and budget are important.

The Internet of Things project does not use the standard SIM card used in telephones or the M2M SIM card which facilitates remote control of machine-to-machine communication. Once you have decided on the type of mobile phone connection, you should also select the size of the IoT SIM for the device you are tracking.

Finally, the Internet of Things platform is management software that connects all content. The platform helps you manage connections remotely, develop security measures across your distribution scope, view the current status of your devices, or set up a user-friendly portal for your customers.

Need help finding out if Cellular IoT is right for your asset tracking project? If you have any questions or request a free starter kit for any field trials, please contact an expert.

Despite detailed industry and utility information, each IoT asset management system should include the following elements:

The size depends on the use case and the object you need to track. It can have a purpose such as a simple tracking chip, or it can have a multifunctional purpose such as a trip recorder. 

How are these devices connected? The location where the tracking equipment is distributed may require reliable network access. Many commercial and industrial IoT applications use mobile networks to perform this task.
You also need a way to remotely control connections, monitor device locations, and access device analytics. These roles are performed through the IoT platform.

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