JH360 includes all the features you want for home monitoring.

JH360 includes all the features you want for home monitoring.


Before choosing a home surveillance camera, we need to know what our purpose is, and then according to our specific needs to choose. For the ordinary family, the purpose of the monitor has the following kinds: monitoring the property security, monitoring activities of people at home. We can confirm the basic function of the camera should have that we aim to purchase.

Firstly, choose a small surveillance camera. Home surveillance cameras are usually installed in doorways or windowsills to prevent intruders. When installed in a prominent place, the design needs to be small and easy to hide. It will not disturb your family’s daily life and not easily spotted by intruders.

Second, you’d best choose a camera that connected with wirelessly in order to avoid damaging your home decoration. Such cameras do not need to be wired everywhere, which will not affect the beauty of the family, and they do not need to remove the walls or punch holes in the walls, which saves a lot of trouble.

Thirdly, it is better to have the function of connecting to the Internet, which can be monitored remotely. Home cameras should best be controlled remotely, For example, in the company or other places with Internet functions, you can view real-time monitoring images at home at any time through the computer. There are also more convenient devices that can be viewed in real time through a mobile app, which is also a great choice.

if the conditions permit, you can choose a camera with alarm function. Generally speaking, the monitor with alarm function includes sound alarm function, SMS alarm function, and email alarm function. Cameras with these features may be slightly expensive than regular cameras, but they allow you to receive an alert in the first place and it will minimize your financial loss. If necessary, you can choose a device with a voice intercom function. For this feature, it’s up to the user hobby to choose. Choose a camera with voice function is suitable for families with children or old people. You can shout at children in case of an emergency, or make necessary communication with the elderly, etc. If you choose a camera without night vision, then the device will turn into a helpless tool in the middle of the night and can’t monitor home security. Installing a household camera had better choose the device that contains night vision function, so can master omnidirectional 24 hours of household safety.

Here we have a production which can include all the features that we mention before.  JH360, this tiny camera has well color-match that is suitable for various interior styles. It is a beautiful adornment in your house, no more bulky or ugly cameras to destroy your nice and cozy house. To reduce the image deformation of the traditional fish-eye camera, we can preview the video in multiple modes include 360VR, two split-screens, column and four split-screens. You can just select the display mode on your phone.


JH 360 support 5G WiFi high- speed data transmission, which can reach nearly 125M/s. the 5G wifi transmission speed is 3.5 times faster than 2.4G wifi. Another advantage of 5G wifi is that it saves energy and provides better quality. Do not just watch the footage when you can talk and listen. Thanks to the built-in microphone and speaker, now you can talk back via your phone to calm your baby or deter the intruder while you are monitoring them

With high performance, infrared LED and smart IR-cur filter are capable of generating spectacular night vision. The invisible LEDs are automatically activated in low light circumstances. In the night, the thief couldn’t find the machine that mounted on the top of the wall.

P2P makes for easier remote access on a smartphone. You can check in on your home and loved ones whether you are sitting in the office busy working or soaking up the sun on a beach 1000 miles away. Receive an instant alarming message when unexpected movements are detected by the camera. Smart motion detection function allows you to keep informed of all the suspicious activities in your house and never miss any detail.

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