Jimi has acquired the CITC approval of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Jimi has acquired the CITC approval of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Jimi IoT is very excited to announce that two of our 4G devices, JM-VL01 for vehicle tracking and JM-LL01 for asset tracking, have been certified by The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. That means the technical specifications of JM-VL01 and JM-LL01 comply with the CITC regulation, and are permitted to enter Saudi Arabia.


About CITC

CITC is a national commission taking control of the communication technology and information for ensuring reliable communication services and innovative digital technologies in Saudi Arabia. As the mandate promulgated by the commission indicates, network-based devices must support 4G technology as a prerequisite for approval of such devices, which is a part of the improvement of network infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for meeting the accessibility, performance, fairness, and value standards.



The products certified by CITC

JM-VL01 is a lightning fast 4G vehicle tracker leveraging Cat 4 connectivity technology, which is commonly thought as a high-speed transmission way. In addition to 4G communication, it also supports UMTS and GSM, enabling it to keep connection with server in the area even without 3G and 4G coverage.


Apart from positioning, obtaining more functions is also available. Thanks to the multiple interfaces and wires, you will be able to connect a relay for initiating remote cut-off, and a panic button that allows drivers to ask for rescue. What’s more, an additional RS485 interface realizes the possibility of connecting fuel/temperature sensor, enabling you to monitor the fuel level of tank or the temperature of a specific sector. And for those people who want to connect special devices on a vehicle with internet, this device can come to the rescue, as it’s able to form WiFi coverage around it.



The JM-LL01 is an LTE asset tracker with ultra-long standby time. It adopts LTE Cat M1/NB2 technology, which are also considered as prevailing communication categories, are widely used in IoT industry.


The JM-LL01 has a ultra-large 10,000mAh battery that allows it to standby for up to 3 years on only a single charge, making it a particularly suitable device for long-term tracking. And more, the combination of built-in light sensor and magnetic base can secure the device permanently, e.g. when the device has been removed, it will send you an alert at the transient moment the device was taken off.


Other ingenious designs are for your easy installation – the magnetic base mentioned above will help you install the device within just a few seconds. When you are configuring the device parameters, just connect it with your phone via Bluetooth and download an app on google store, then all the settings you chosen on your phone will be synchronized by device.



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