Jimi LL702: An LTE CAT.1 GPS Tracker with 5 Work Modes.

Jimi LL702: An LTE CAT.1 GPS Tracker with 5 Work Modes.


In the used car, car rental, and auto finance industries, continuous tracking and uninterrupted data transmission are key. They enable you to always know where your vehicle is, resulting in the earliest possible recovery of stolen vehicles as well as rescue of drivers and passengers if an incident occurs, to save more. In addition to these basic features, the LL702 telematics terminal from Jimi IoT & Concox can do much more. Keep reading to find out how.



Multiple Positioning Systems for Accurate Location

Besides the traditional position fix via satellites, the LL702 fleet tracker utilizes nearby base stations and Wi-Fi networks to ensure that vehicles, equipment, and other valuables can be accurately pinpointed in real-time if circumstances call for rescue or recovery.

Fast Data Synchronization to Cloud

The LTE module allows for faster data uploads to the service platform with less power consumption; while the seamless fallback to the GSM network ensures data upload remains uninterrupted even when the 4G connection fails.

Work Modes to Your Specific Needs

A unique feature of the LL702 tracking terminal is the five work modes, which you, as fleet managers, can choose according to your industry needs. For long-haul trucking, it is possible to have the device upload a location packet every day (by default) or every five days or at a specific time on a specific day of the week. For short-haul trucking, you can enable the tracking mode to keep the GPS module of the device always active.

Long Service Life for Long-Distance Transport

The LL702 GNSS tracker features a 4,200mAh battery that can power up the device to operate for three years in default mode, that is, one fix per day.

Tamper Alert for Better Protection

To protect your asset effectively, tamper alert is a must-have feature. The LL702 telematics device will send immediate alert messages to your smart phone or any other device with a service platform installed (you can use our Tracksolid pro or your own cloud platform) when the light sensor detects the brightness of the ambient light has risen to a trigger point.

Near-Zero Installation for Fast Mass Deployment

The strong built-in magnet allows the LL702 asset tracker to be attached tightly and effortlessly to most metal surfaces and stay put even if you are driving on rough roads, making mass deployment easy and quick.

To explore more about the product, visit http://www.jimicloud.com/products/ll702-vehicle-tracker.html, send an email to info@jimilab.com, or contact your account manager if you are a Jimi IoT & Concox business partner.

Jimi IoT and its subsidiary Concox have been focusing on telematics hardware and cloud services for more than 10 years and have developed a wide range of IoT products for managing fleets of all types, sedans, vans, semitrailers, equipment, buses, coaches, trucks, scooters, and more as well as other valuables such as containers and packages. And the product portfolio continues to grow. If you have custom needs, don’t hesitate to reach out.