Key Benefits of Fleet Management

Key Benefits of Fleet Management


  • Gain a high-level view of the operation of all vehicles in a fleet at a glance, from driver behavior to vehicle performance and efficiency.
  • Track vehicles in real-time to speed emergency response and to improve communications between managers, drivers, and clients.
  • Monitor driver behavior to improve adherence to safety regulations and to identify overworked or exhausted drivers before an accident occurs.
  • Remotely diagnose maintenance requirements and receive predictive maintenance alerts to reduce breakdowns and unscheduled downtime.
  • Improve fuel efficiency with greater transparency into idle times, routes and driving behaviors.


IoT allows for the creation of a digital real-time job site map together with the updated risks associated with the works and notifies every worker when getting closer to any risk or entering a dangerous environment. For example, monitoring the air quality in an enclosed space is critical for workplace safety. IoT technologies will not only prevent staff from being exposed to dangerous conditions but can also detect those conditions before or as they happen. With real-time IoT data, workers are empowered to be more predictive about job-site issues and prevent situations that could lead to a safety incident and lost time.




Besides these mechanical diagnostics, some management solutions can identify reckless driver behavior like sudden jerks, harsh turns or dangerous changes in speed. These systems can alert managers if a driver is behaving recklessly or is suffering exhaustion while on the road.

Automotive fleet management solutions use IoT-enabled sensors to monitor the performance of individual vehicles in a fleet in order to improve operational efficiency, lower costs and reduce risk to drivers.

Fleet management solutions can provide insights on vehicle performance and driver safety to identify potential issues before they become costly breakdowns or accidents, preventing unanticipated downtime and minimizing the time vehicles are removed from the fleet for scheduled maintenance.

Some of the biggest challenges encountered on a construction job site are theft and safety. Human security agents are not adequate to monitor a huge site properly. Using IoT enabled tags, any material or theft of items is easily resolved as these sensors will notify the current location of the materials or item. It’s no longer necessary to send a human agent out to check out everything.