Searching for an employee GPS tracking solution

Searching for an employee GPS tracking solution


Let’s mention some of the potential traps you could fall into: Employees could fear that by tracking them, you are violating their privacy, or you might find that your chosen platform lacks features that you or your employees may find helpful in the future.
Feature analysis:Before you even begin the process of selecting the right GPS tracking platform, you must perform a features analysis. You probably are familiar with a SWOT analysis, a study capable of identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of every organization. A similar study can be performed to discover which features are required in an employee GPS tracking solution.
Features can be split into a couple of groups. The first group should contain essential features, those that have to be included in the solution. For instance, retail businesses might want to have a geofencing feature so that they can utilize automatic timesheet monitoring. A property business may need advanced GPS tracking features, such as custom routes, two-way communication, setting up location-specific tasks, etc. along with security features for their field agents. Each business has its own unique needs; therefore, it’s imperative you work with your staff work to create a list of must-have features that will aid implementation.

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The second group might include features that are good but not essential. These can be payroll integration, support of project collaboration, or file sharing between groups. They could be included within a platform, but you can still pick a platform even if it doesn’t offer a complete set of these features.
Another group could include potentially helpful features, which could be omitted from a platform without any penalties for your company. For instance, maybe you already have a bookkeeping service, but having automatic bookkeeping integration could be helpful. There’s also support for installing stand-alone GPS tracking in case you own a vehicle fleet, or a support for miles tracking that can be used for issuing fuel expense slips.
And finally, you might (or not) construct a list of features you want to avoid. For instance, some privacy intrusion features, like automatic screenshot taking or an app monitoring feature (which can show a live desktop view of each workstation), could negatively influence your office climate.
Before embarking on a quest to find the perfect employee GPS tracking solution, your company should perform an Tracksolid Platform (essential, nonessential, helpful, to avoid) study. Your entire workforce should be included when deciding upon different sets of features. HR departments often do not understand the full gamut of GPS capabilities. For instance, employees may want to use their GPS app for communication or to transfer work data. Delivery drivers may need to scan receipts; HR may not appreciate this need. 
Choosing potential GPS tracking platforms: Before deciding on a platform, you and your staff should have a couple of potential choices in mind. Using the list of features you determined from your Tracksolid Platform study, you should have a pretty accurate image of what you need from a GPS employee platform. Check out every potential app and list the essential and non-essential features each has to offer. The UI and ease of use should carry some weight as should pricing.
Your staff, both those who will perform monitoring and those who will be monitored, should check out each potential platform and give their personal feedback regarding the UI and the overall look of the apps. Once you decide which platform provides the best ratio of provided features, select and test at least two.
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