Size of impact to smart home insdustry with 5G fully commercialized?

Size of impact to smart home insdustry with 5G fully commercialized?


Compared with the 4G network, the 5g network transmission speed is hundreds of times faster, but also has wide coverage, low power consumption, large connection, low time delay, and other characteristics, with the support of 5G Network, “things interconnection” can really realize. 5G is on his way. So, when 5g full commercial use, will bring smart home how big change?
More imagination and possibility: The intelligent home system realizes the control and management of each device, actually through the transmission and connection of information. The transmission and connection of information need high-efficient and stable network The information transmission is slow, the exchange information between the equipment and the equipment has the time delay situation, this kind of time delay situation, appears particularly in the home video audio and video communication between. 5G network speeds up to 10Gb per second. With the advent of 5G, smart home products will be more sensitive, and the response speed of other traditional home appliances will also be greatly improved. Smart home systems can carry more equipment connections and deliver more traffic Can carry more imagination and possibility.


Intelligent security is one of the most mature areas of the smart home market. SMART door locks, smart cat’s eyes, smart door magnets, smart cameras and other products In the protection of Family Safety, crime prevention has played an extremely important role. In addition, with the safe community, smart city and other projects across the country to promote in-depth, “intelligent anti-theft” concept in the whole society, which also laid a mass foundation for the expansion of the smart security market.
However, the home space, living area and space layout of different families will often affect the coverage of network signal transmission, so that intelligent security equipment in the use of a variety of problems, many problems in the field of intelligent security may be solved, intelligent security products or home will become just-needed products.
Nowadays, there are many brands in the smart home market, and various smart home enterprises have launched various smart home products. However, the industry lacks a public industry standard, and products of different brands cannot communicate with each other. After the arrival of the 5G era, the problem may be solved. STATE-LED 5G technology and international authorities set standards. This has broken the situation of each major enterprise fighting for its own sake and the isolated market, which is conducive to the development of the smart home industry.

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