VL501 – The Newly-Developed 4G Cigarette Lighter Tracker

VL501 – The Newly-Developed 4G Cigarette Lighter Tracker


Many IoT fleet management solutions are now available on the market, and a variety of tracking devices are used in these solutions, while those that are easy to install account for a large market share and have been greatly welcomed by users. Therefore, we developed the VL501 LTE Cat-1 GPS tracker, which enables fleet managers to track many vehicles with a single plug-in action and at the lowest cost. And this plug-and-play tracker can be used to track mortgage cars, leased cars, personal vehicles, and more.

Easy Installation for Fast Mass Deployment

The cigar lighter power connector makes this intelligent tracker easy to install on virtually any vehicle and ideal for a variety of deployments that require easy installation, allowing for mass deployments with lower labor costs and time requirements.

6-Axis Motion Sensor for Reliable Driving Behavior Analysis

In comparison with devices with the 3-axis accelerometer, the VL501 shows superior adaptability and reliability, supporting the detection of 4 kinds of dangerous behavior even in areas without GPS or with poor GPS signals. If any of these behaviors are detected, this device will send alerts to the cloud platform, which you can use to monitor how your vehicles are being driven and help drivers improve their driving skills.

Fast Charging Design for Greater Convenience

The considerate design of the USB-A and Type-C ports makes the charge of other devices like cellphones much more convenient, and you can also upgrade and debug the software of the VL501 via its Type-C port without unplugging it. Furthermore, these two ports will give the impression that it’s a peripheral charger instead of a tracker.

Event-Triggered Alerts for More Visibility

Instant alerts will be sent to your cellphone or the cloud platform when atypical events such as collision, low external power, abnormal vibration, or device plug-in/pull-out occur. And this device can also alert drivers via its buzzer for the very first position fix, speeding, fatigue driving, or ACC ON.

More Capabilities for Different Applications

For greater convenience, this device can also be directly configured via Bluetooth, eliminating the need for wired or platform-based configuration. In addition to the above-mentioned features, the Panic Button for contact dispatch or emergency support and the Built-In Mic for remote audio monitoring will make the VL501 an ideal choice for individuals as well as fleet managers.

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