What are the ways to save fleet management costs?

What are the ways to save fleet management costs?


1. Vehicle maintenance

Although vehicle downtime is inevitable, it can be managed and minimized by adopting a telematics solution that can help you create proactive maintenance procedures.

In order to maintain the health of the fleet and the driving of the vehicle, please choose a telematics solution that can view the diagnostic information of the vehicle in real time. This means in-depth knowledge of things such as engine data to monitor fuel and energy usage, coolant temperature, battery voltage, etc. This level of detail makes it easier for you to schedule preventive maintenance based on mileage or engine hours, and understand when you need to cause maintenance-related issues.

Driver behavior analysis

2. Improved vehicle routes

Some telematics providers analyze the performance of planned and actual routes to identify deviations from plans over time or distance, identify performance trends over time, and analyze individual route history. You can drill to Combining this with the Site Time Report, you can see where the driver is spending time and how much time they spend at each location, so flagging fraudulent or suboptimal activities quickly and easily. I can.

3. Comprehensive comparability

If you manage a fleet, you are investing in all your existing internal systems, from ERP to maintenance and dispatch systems, which is essential to your business. This means that when you introduce a new system into production, you may not want to sacrifice existing data and critical workflows.

Merging workflows and data sources from a few vendors can easily improve fleet efficiency and eliminate blind spots. With specific vehicle tracking systems likeJIMI IoT, fleets can easily connect to the most important third party applications and capture the benefits of real-time data for all operations. Jimi’s open architecture enables integration opportunities with a variety of partners in the transportation and industry segments, such as payroll applications, fuel consumption cards and inventory management.

AI video(DMS)

4. Real-time tracking of vehicles

Maintaining a connection with the driver can be difficult if the vehicle has remote routes. This can make it difficult to upload documents electronically and can cause significant delays in critical paperwork such as DVIRs and supervisory safety audits.

Consider choosing a telematics provider that includes high-speed LTE connectivity. This enables connected fleets, accelerates back office operations, and provides more accurate information in real time, without relying on paper trails. For example, with the JIMI IOT Driver App, drivers can stay up to date with route and shipping changes, and with high-speed Wifi, they can quickly submit documents on the go or in low-connectivity locations. I will.