What you don’t know about the NB-IOT technology solution.

What you don’t know about the NB-IOT technology solution.


The highlights of the JIMI NB–IOT technology solution are described below.

Highlight 1: JIMI uses NB-IoT 2G technology to ensure a good customer experience

Pain analysis: The existing Internet of Things technology cannot meet the application requirements of massive terminals. The existing network coverage is insufficient, and there are no signals in underground garages and tunnels. The outdoor base stations cannot fully cover.

NB-IoT technology has the advantages of wide coverage, large connection, low power consumption, and low cost. In order to meet the fast-reaching needs of NB-IoT and ensure the good experience of customers, Conclave uses NB-IoT 2G to cope with the fact that the current NB-IoT network has not been fully covered, and at the same time guarantee a good customer experience.

Highlight 2: JIMI IoT electric motorcycle solution uses multiple positioning, the more precise position

Analysis of pain points: Due to the characteristics of easy-to-steal and easy-to-sell, electric bicycles have high stolen rates. Electric vehicles do not have positioning functions themselves, and some positioning products cannot be located in places where satellite signals such as tunnels and underground garages are weak.

Simultaneous reception of Beidou, GPS satellite signals with LBS, Wi-Fi signals, and the use of NB-IoT technology, not only have faster search and positioning speed, even in underground garages, underground tunnels and other places where satellite signals are weak, Ability to lock positions more quickly and accurately.

Highlight 3: Remote authorization, mobile APP control vehicle at any time

Pain analysis: When you forget to lose the electric car key, or your relatives and friends need to use the car, temporarily move the car, you need to run around. The vehicle is stolen and the vehicle cannot be interfered and controlled.

The user can upload commands to the cloud platform through the mobile phone APP, and can remotely set/disarm the electric self-propelled vehicle, easily authorize remote mobile vehicles, remote start, and other actions, and realize driving without a key. In the event of a theft, it is also possible to remotely control the flameout and lock the wheel with one button.

Highlight 4: Automatic arming/disarming, keyless start

Pain analysis: Manual fortification is easy to forget or you have to click a few times each time to see if it is set up. You need to automatically disarm the arm when the owner is close to the car, and keyless start to enhance the user experience.

Based on Bluetooth technology, in the absence of a network environment, the identity of the owner is automatically recognized, the induction range is automatically disarmed, the induction range is automatically armed, and the lock is easily turned on/off. After the vehicle is unlocked and disarmed, the owner can start the vehicle by gently rocking the electric vehicle.

Highlight 5: Effective reminder for electronic fences and access areas

Analysis of pain points: The stolen electric vehicles are moving fast, there is no reminder to go, and public security is very stressful. It is also unknown when stolen vehicles leave the city.

According to the needs of the public security, electronic fences can be set up in the urban areas, core sections of various counties, and entrances and exits, once the vehicle has passed the alarm notification to the owner and the public security.

Highlight 6: Intelligent speed limit, safer driving

Analysis of pain points: The speed of electric bicycles is too fast, which will directly increase the probability of traffic accidents. Once an emergency situation occurs, it is easy to cause personal injury or even life safety.

The maximum speed is set by the cloud platform. Once the speed range is exceeded, the information is uploaded to the supervision platform, and the body alarm reminds the owner and management personnel for the first time to ensure driving safety.

Highlight 7: Vehicle Anti-theft, multiple protection security

Analysis of pain points: The electric bicycle’s own alarm can’t inform the owner, the passers-by can’t see it, the car thief steals the vehicle, and even the car is dragged away by the truck and so on.

ACC detects G-Sensor external equipment, high-sensitivity sensor, and continuously detects the vehicle’s own state, vibration, displacement, power failure, low power, over speed, tilt alarm, trimming and other multiple abnormal timely alarm mechanisms. The abnormal state is known for the first time. For the car to escort.

Highlight 8: Historical trajectory, traceability of travel records

Pain analysis: Want to know where the vehicle has traveled? Which route to take? How do you provide valid evidence when a rider has an accident? How to maintain the integrity of driving data?

Through the platform cloud storage vehicle 180-day historical driving trajectory, a complete record of each trip and vehicle abnormal conditions, you can view the vehicle’s driving route, parking time, and vehicle speed anytime, anywhere.

Highlight 9: AMS terminal system, OTA remote upgrade

Analysis of pain points: Many positioning types of equipment cannot be upgraded after the one-time sale or can be upgraded, but it is very inconvenient to remove the upgrade firmware from the car.

Conkers‘ smart electric bicycle terminal product, with AMS terminal system management platform, eliminates the need to remove the vehicle again, allowing intelligent hardware to easily achieve aerial upgrades.

Highlight 10: Multiple configuration interfaces to meet the multi-dimensional requirements of the connection

Analysis of pain points: There are many locators on the market, the interface is complex, the installation requires professionals, professional tools, and the need to break the electric bicycle, non-professionals cannot start, the required functional interface does not match and other issues.

JIMI IoT is based on a large number of experience-built products for customers, using standard electric bicycle controller interface, no need to break the line, the installation is very simple, can ensure the safety of the original car line. The interface can also be customized according to customer needs, without fear of a variety of peripherals, to meet professional needs.

Highlight 11: APP tracking, assisting the police to chase the car.

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