Will the recorder with cigarette lighter run out of battery?

Will the recorder with cigarette lighter run out of battery?


As a necessary product, almost every car owner has a vehicle data recorder. Not long ago, my brother bought a recorder powered by a cigarette lighter. A few months later, however, he complained to me on WeChat that the recorder had run out of batteries and had stopped the car from catching fire. At first, I thought it must be wrong of the recorder, while after talking with him about the details, I found that it was not the problem with the recorder itself. Instead, some cars have designed the cigarette lighter’s interface into a “constant power” mode. For example, my brother’s car can be powered by a cigarette lighter even after the car has stalled.


What is the cars’ normal electricity? When the car is out of steam, it can continue to power the onboard electronic products to ensure the onboard electronic products work normally. The usual power supply places are reading lights, headlights, rear lights, steering lights, electric Windows and so on. 

At present, the power supply mode of the recorder can be divided into two types: one is to directly plug the cigarette lighter and the other is to connect the car ACC fuse box. In fact, Most of the recorders powered by cigarette lighters will be automatically cut off after the car is out of service. The reason why some products are constantly electrified is mainly related to the design of the vehicle itself. Most of Ford’s cars, its cigarette lighter is designed for constant electricity.

The other type of vehicle recorder, which is powered by ACC fuse box, belongs to the “continuous power” type. Because car’ fuse box are designed as constant electricity, even if the car is out of service, it will not affect the power supply to the product. So, if the car keeps powering the recorder, will the battery run out? Is there a hidden danger in the normal power supply? Well, it depends on two things. If the location of power supply is normal electricity, you need to pay attention to whether the product is equipped with a pressure-lowering line when purchasing the product. Or is there software or hardware to determine the battery voltage of a car battery and then cut of the battery automatically to protect it.

Recently, the common way to protect the battery is reducing the voltage. But, most of the recorders with their own pressure line are powered by ACC fuse box. Some brands have designed the recorder as software + hardware to protect the battery. When the software recognizes that the battery voltage is lower than a certain value, the recorder will be automatically cut off.

If your cigarette lighter is designed as normal electricity, we recommended that you try to connect the power supply interface of the driving recorder to the original car’s USB location since at present, the power supply interface of most recorders has been designed as USB port, and it is separated from cigarette lighter socket. At that time, you can power the USB port through the original car’s USB, and this location is possible not normal electricity designed.

Why does the recorder powered by the cigarette lighter have no battery protection design? At present most models of the cigarette lighter interface is not normal electricity designed so the vehicle data recorder which is powered by the way of a cigarette lighter is not designed to protect the battery. After all, the market is competitive, and most manufacturers do not need to increase the cost alone for the design of fewer models. Once the cost high, the vehicle recorder manufacturers are not easy to promote. Therefore, the battery protection will only be considered if the recorder is connected with ACC fuse box.

If it’s a normal electricity connection, how many days do you have to unplug? There are two cases. If your vehicle’s cigarette lighter is designed for normal electricity and your recorder product is powered by the cigarette lighter, your car should be unplugged If you don’t drive for two or three days. Some cars with small battery capacity may run out of batteries without unplugging them for a day. If your cigarette lighter is not designed as normal electricity you can use it without unplugging the power. Second, if your recorder is powered by an ACC fuse box, be sure whether the recorder product has a battery protection design. If it’s powered by ACC, 99 percent of the recorders currently have relevant designs, but the reliability will be different. For example, the use of katallobar, If you use a lower quality katallobar and it only has the function of reducing pressure. If a high-quality katallobar is used, it has the function of variable pressure (It can change the 12V voltage to 5V which is suitable for the recorder). It can also be controlled by an intelligent chip to protect the battery. For example, it is good to protect the battery by software and hardware. Basically, you can use it without cutting off the power.

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