Four Advantages of Driving Recorders that You don’t Know

Four Advantages of Driving Recorders that You don’t Know


Increasing convenience in transportation has accompanied gradual improvements in productivity which have increased the number of cars per capita and the driving mileage per capita over time. There are, however, some downsides to automobile transportation. In addition to carrying the country’s economy, it also keeps us safe. Speeding, drunk driving, and fatigued driving contribute to countless traffic accidents each year, putting the safety of drivers and passengers at risk.
A traffic statistics report is issued every year by the National Highway Safety Administration of the United States government and the agency is committed to preventing dangerous behavior on roads in the country. About one-third of motor vehicle fatalities have been caused by speeding over the past two decades; about 32 people die in drink-driving crashes every day, which is one death every 45 minutes. An accident is significantly influenced by the manner in which the driver drives. As an alternative to the driver regulating his own behavior, technology can be used to reduce the dangers of driving and ensure driving safety by installing a driving recorder.

The JC450 is designed for commercial vehicles and is capable of recording four independent channels simultaneously. It provides real-time, actionable alerts for drivers to improve road awareness and safety using LTE CarLog algorithms. Video clips triggered by critical events or in-cab SOS buttons are saved to the cloud for later viewing or evidentiary support.

The JC450 provides four key advantages that keep you safe on the road.
1. Video Visibility via Up to 4 Channels in Real-time

As the JC450 is equipped with a built-in camera as well as up to three external cameras (optional) it can maintain constant surveillance of the outside, the cabin, the sides, the rear of the vehicle, or the driver while it is moving or parked. Drivers or passengers can even receive alerts from some of the cameras when they are at risk.
2. Driver Guidance/Assistance

With the addition of DMS cameras (optional), the driver’s attention is monitored and alarms are triggered in the cab when necessary. JC450’s built-in gyroscopic sensors detect adverse events such as hard braking, speeding, sharp turns, and collisions, and it includes embedded ADAS algorithms for preventing safety-critical accidents and improving vehicle safety by detecting potential collisions before they happen.
3. Critical Video to the Cloud

Unlike loop recording, which will overwrite critical video clips about collisions, these clips will be unaffected by loop recording and stored on the platform, so you do not have to worry about them being overwritten or deleted on your device. Any disputes that may arise in the near future will be able to be supported by these documents.
4. Trigger alerts in case of crisis

When the panic button is pressed in an emergency or critical situation, a call is immediately sent to the selected contact and the fleet manager is contacted to take immediate action.
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