Workshop | Develop and Expand Your Business

Workshop | Develop and Expand Your Business


Workshop | Develop and Expand Your Business

On April 2, CRX held its latest innovation and technology workshop, Develop and expand your business, in Vitoria, Brazil. Hosted by CRX, the workshop brought together more than 100 participants. This workshop is designed for their distributors, local partners as well as participants with ideas to start a GPS tracking business.

The day-long workshop began with new releases like CRX1 (GT06F), QBIT, etc. Presentations from CRX’s local partner Fabio and his team focused on how to develop and expand one’s GPS tracking business. Fabio gave a great insight into the fascinating opportunities of GPS tracking business.

Eight successful workshops have been held since last year.

And Here is the list of events for Concox in Brazil:

– February 13 in Goiânia – Concox
– March 13 in Porto Alegre – Concox
– April 25 in São Paulo – Abese
– May 22 in São Paulo – Concox
– June 04 in Fortaleza – Abese
– July 2 in Goiânia – Abese
– July 4 in Rio de Janeiro – Concox
– August 6 in Curitiba – Abese
– September 24th in Recife – Abese
– October 2 in Belo Horizonte – Abese

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own business, consider the world of GPS tracking.  As demand continues to increase for GPS tracking devices and related services, GPS tracking businesses will be among the most successful businesses of the future.
About CRX
CRX began to cooperate with JIMI & Concox in 2012, mainly assistingJIMI & Concox to carry out the distribution of vehicle GPS tracking devices in Brazil, as well as local sales, technical support, market promotion, etc. Thanks to CRX, products offered by Concox are well received by Brazilian.

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