LL303: Newly Launched 4G Solar-Powered Tracker

LL303: Newly Launched 4G Solar-Powered Tracker


LL303 is a 4G solar tracker designed for tracking ships and construction vehicles. It was developed for enterprises in order to assist them in implementing Datamation, visualization, and intelligent management. A variety of Bluetooth wireless sensors can be developed based on the product’s needs, and this can then be combined with the JimiIoT platform, greatly enriching its application scenarios. This can be applied to various types of vehicles in many industries, including asset management, logistics management, supervision, law enforcement, as well as ships.


The accuracy of a tracker’s positioning reflects its capabilities. A solid connection can be had in almost any situation with the LL303’s LTE communication and GSM backup. By integrating GPS, BDS, LBS, and Wi-Fi multiple positioning systems, the cloud platform provide vehicle location and trajectory information outside of the production site to ensure production safety and productivity. For example, on the construction site, various types of construction vehicles frequently enter and leave the site. With the help of this equipment, we can monitor and track the entry and exit site.

LL303 is equipped with solar power and durable accessories to serve the heavy vehicle and marine industries. The front side of the product is covered with a huge solar panel, which can provide stable power supply to cope with bad weather, and India is located in the tropical subtropics, with abundant solar energy resources, the average sunshine is among the best in the world, so the function of LL303 is suitable for the Indian climate.

Furthermore, the bottom is equipped with a magnetic charging port for easy charging, and the rugged overall construction ensures high protection. Flame-retardant V0-class materials make up the shell, which passes dozens of reliability tests, including dust and water resistance to the IP67 level, salt spray tests, and drop tests.

In addition, the device has been tested to a higher standard than national standards. This ensures durability in harsh outdoor environments, making it suitable for a range of applications that require prolonged standby times and continuous performance optimization.

LL303 also features Bluetooth wireless sensors, making it one of the most impressive products on the market. Different application scenarios can be met with this data collection method.

An example of an application scenario for a sensor can be found below. An example of such a device would be a temperature and humidity sensor for a construction site. This would alert staff when the weather is inclement and not suitable for working. In addition, it would monitor the temperature of special construction materials and storage sites to ensure the safety of those facilities. To prevent goods from being lost or falling, the switch sensor can detect the switch of the truck and container; the device also has an angular speed sensor to determine the device’s working status and mileage; in addition to helping companies manage transportation costs, fuel level sensors can be used to monitor the fuel tanks of long-distance vehicles to prevent someone from stealing fuel during transportation.

Thus, this device is a multi-functional, multi-scene, and intelligent positioning device that offers infinite possibilities with Bluetooth wireless sensors.

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