Recreational vehicle GPS tracking and security

Recreational vehicle GPS tracking and security



In recent years, people have turned to nature after being deprived of freedom of movement in cities. This is reflected in the sales of motorized recreational vehicles globally. However, off-road offers a much more demanding terrain than perfectly paved concrete surfaces or tarmac. That said, Jimi IoT has developed an all-arounder waterproof GPS tracker for a wide range of recreational vehicles.


With diverse terrain options, poor roads, or no roads at all, different vehicles are needed for recreational activities: SUVs, motocross and quad bikes, jet skis, and even snowmobiles. An exact choice depends on the climate in the region, time of the year, level of income, local culture, traditions, etc.

Most recreational fleet owners offer a variety of vehicles, depending on the season. Usually, these activities take place on weekends for most people. They can be canceled or postponed due to weather conditions or other reasons. Recreational vehicles are parked most of the time and used only once or twice a month. Most have small batteries, and the additional device can drain them quickly.

Moped and motorcycle rentals are especially popular among tourists, as an affordable way of getting around at close distances. However, these vehicles are exposed to challenging weather conditions, especially rain, showers, or drizzle. For instance, monsoons in Asia and Latin America drop up to 75%-90% of annual rainfall. For this reason, to avoid potential tracking challenges, the GPS device on recreational vehicles must be waterproof.

Quad bike and motorcycle safaris are one of the most popular activities around the world, regardless of climate. They are liked worldwide because of their simplicity and off-road capabilities. However, they pose a risk if mishandled or driven by an inexperienced driver. As most quads and motorcycles are ridden on difficult terrain, including water, sand, and mud, even small mistakes can cost dearly. It applies to any rental equipment, potentially causing not only harm to the driver but the owner of the fleet, requiring maintenance.

Recreational vehicles are not equipped with a closed cabin, safety belts, airbags, or other safety equipment. In 2019 it was estimated, that the number of deaths on motorcycles was nearly 29 times the number in cars. That said, these challenges need to be addressed and Jimi IoT is ready to offer an efficient solution.


For the adventure tourism sector, Jimi IoT offers a brand-new waterproof GPS tracker model – LL701. Due to its compact size (110.2 x 53.0 x 34.5mm) and dented edges for better grip, the device can be fitted in most vehicles. A robust and waterproof IP67-rated casing can be used on jet skis and two-wheelers too. It has been designed with a ‘Clip-On’ system, instead of screws. This useful feature makes the device quicker to install and longer-lasting, as there are no metal parts that can be affected by rust or corrosion.

When the motorcycle, moped, or quad bike (and therefore the mounted LL701) moves, it switches from sleep mode to a normal state and immediately starts sending tracking data. This feature is pretty handy when recreational vehicles are parked most of the time – for instance, they are only used at weekends. In cases where the vehicle is used less frequently and is not charged from the alternator, we recommend installing the model in a way that disconnects it from a motorcycle or quad bike battery when the ignition is switched off.

Finally, thanks to the extensive and practical set of features, the new LL701 is a preferred choice not only for motorcycle and quad bike fleets but also for snowmobiles, all sorts of modern all-terrain light utility vehicles, water transport such as luxury boats and jet skis, trailers, etc. The GPS tracker firmware updates and configuration changes can be made remotely using the Tracksolid PRO – a powerful software solution helping to manage all Jimi IoT vehicle GPS trackers with exemplary efficiency.


  • Waterproof and dustproof IP67-rated device casing to ensure reliable tracking in harsh weather conditions and a wide range of climates.
  • A high-capacity internal battery and a unique sleep mode are practical features for recreational vehicles parked for longer periods (up to 5 years).
  • an extended number of use cases, such as a panic button, LED notifications, buzzer, or others.
  • More business opportunities – the LL701’s prominent features allow it to be used in a wider range of markets and regions, resulting in more projects, revenue streams, and competitive advantage.


Jimi IoT vehicle tracking solutions are used all over the world, with millions of devices already deployed. The waterproof and certified casing provides complete telematics functionality to recreational vehicles, where a robust casing is needed to cope with challenging and varied conditions. Easy and quick installation, a large capacity backup battery, and a very low power consumption mode complement the safety features to create a versatile recreational vehicle GPS tracker for a wide range of use cases and usage scenarios.