13 Ultimate Troubleshooting Methods for GPS Tracker Offline.

13 Ultimate Troubleshooting Methods for GPS Tracker Offline.


When using the GPS tracking device, many people may have encountered the same problem, that is, GPS tracker offline. Then what is the reason? How to solve this problem? Please read the 13 following methods, it definitely troubleshoots the problem.

1. The SIM card in the GPS tracker is in arrears.
Solution: Contact sales for payment, recharge and then restart, Also, ensure that the card Internet function has been opened! According to our statistics of handling daily problems, GPS tracker offline issue account for 70 %, and 80% of the equipment offline is due to the SIM card.

2. The vehicle is in the signal blind area, such as in the underground parking lot, tunnel signal weak area.
Solution: This is a relatively common situation. In this situation, the platform cannot receive GPS locator information, so let your vehicle leaving in the poor signal area.

3. The SIM card is not in good connection; or the device is working in a special environment, resulting in deformation or damage of the SIM card body. For example, some engineering vehicles work in extremely high temperature environments. When the device is used as a colloidal ordinary card, it will be prone to deformation and damage in a high temperature environment, so that the card will not work properly and the device will be caused offline.
Solution: Contact the vendor to reinstall the SIM card.
A point to note is that non-professionals must not change their cards! The static electricity that comes with our body is also very easy to burn out the IC and cause the equipment to be damaged and not working properly! When changing cards, we should pay attention to choose the right card supplier, card type and traffic package, etc. So when you need to change your card, the best choice is to contact suppliers! Our professional after-sales team will help you identify and solve problems.

4. The GPS equipment is installed in a space enclosed by a metal object, and then the device does not receive the GPS signal from the mobile base station.
Solution: Re-select the installation location.

5. The device is in the off-state (or not powered on status).
Solution: Reboot the device.

6. The server did not receive the reported data.
Solution: There may be a problem with the GPS locator, or it may be a problem with the server. You can contact the supplier in time to express the situation that the device does not report data or is offline, so as to better solve the problem.

7. GPS tracking unit is out of power.
Solution: GPS tracking unit will go offline when it is turned off or power off. The first step is to call the SIM card number of the device with the mobile phone. If it cannot get through and the text message to the device number is not replied, it is caused by the power failure of the device or the unstable current & voltage of the power supply line.
It is possible that the power supply of the wired equipment is abnormal due to the loose wiring. Log on to the Tracksolid platform to check whether the electricity displayed is normal and whether there is a low voltage alarm, power failure alarm and other prompts.
It is also possible that the device is installed on the extraordinary circuit in the car. When the vehicle is stationary or stopped for a long time, the abnormal circuit in the car will be cut off to save power consumption. If the equipment is installed in the non-electric circuit, the equipment will not be able to provide normal power supply due to the power failure, resulting in power failure alarm or insufficient power. When the vehicle started normally, the equipment would return to normal. In this case, it can be determined that the device may be connected to an extraordinary electrical circuit.
Wireless devices should check whether the device has insufficient battery life and whether the device expires.

8. There is something wrong with the communication module (GSM module) of the tracking device.
Solution: Under normal conditions, the green GSM light is on for 0.1s or keep lightening. If not, please contact the manufacturer to replace the GSM module.

9. The GPS antenna/chip is broken.
Solution: It has to be replaced.

10. The sensitivity of the GPS module is reduced and cannot be located.
Solution: The sensitivity of GPS equipment is mainly determined by two aspects: one is the gain and noise performance of the whole signal path at the front end of the tracker; the other is the algorithm performance of the baseband part. The front end of the GPS receiver determines the signal-to-noise ratio when the received signal reaches the baseband part, and the baseband algorithm determines the minimum signal-to-noise ratio that can be tolerated in the process of modulation, capture, and tracking.
So you’d better choose a manufacturer with high sensitivity. Jimi IoT, as a professional GPS solution provider, offering a stable and reliable GPS receiver with high sensitivity.

11. Natural disaster factors, such as earthquake, cause damage to the surrounding base station, leading to no signal of SIM card and equipment offline.
Solution: Try dialing to see if it is impossible to communicate due to environmental reasons. If so, just wait for the operators to restore communication and the card will work properly again.

12.Using a non-standard card or APN is not set correctly.
Solution: Use the local standard IoT card, setting APN, APN command is : APN, APN’s name#

13. Online parameter setting error.
1) Query the status, the instruction: STATUS#
The return information is as follows (example):
Battery: 4.17V, NORMAL; GPRS: Link Up; GSM Signal Level: Strong; GPS: Successful positioning, SVS Used in fix: 9(11), GPS Signal Level: 30, 40, 42, 45, 41, 41, 40 ,3739; ACC:OFF; Defense:OFF
GPRS: Link Up — indicates that the device is online;
GPRS: Link Down – indicates that the device is offline.
GSM Signal Level: Strong — there are 3 signal levels: Strong, Good, weak. If the Signal Level is weak, the device will go offline.
(2) Query IMEI number, instruction: PARAM#
The return information is as follows (example):
IMEI: 868120118573267; The TIMER: 20, 20; SENDS: 3; SOS:,,, CenterNumber:; Sensorset: 10,3,5,1; Defense time: 1; TimeZone: E, 8, 0;
MEI: 868120118573267; — this is the equipment IMEI number, please check whether the IMEI number on the package box is consistent with the IMEI number returned by the tracker equipment;
IMEI: 358688000000158; — if reply to this IMEI number, the IMEI number is lost, and the device will be offline. If this happens, please contact the Jimi technical support.
(3) Query domain name, instruction: SERVER#
Two methods: SERVER,1, domain name, port,0#
SERVER, 0, IP, port, and 0 #
Eg: the SERVER, 1, GPSDEV.TRACKSOLID.COM, 21100, 0 #
SERVER, 0,47.89. 58.215, 21100, 0 #
Mode = 1 means set with domain name
Mode = 0 means set with IP address
Protocol = 0 means connect server with TCP protocol
It is Tracksolid’s domain name. If the domain name does not correspond, the device will be offline. If the domain name you inquired is inconsistent with the platform domain name on the device, please contact us.

If you still felt confused about GPS tracker offline issue, please contact Jimi team. We are glad to serve you!