4g Tracking Device with Driver Behavior Monitoring.

4g Tracking Device with Driver Behavior Monitoring.


Logistics & transport enterprises tend to focus on the supervision of goods, vehicle transport management, etc., and they do not pay enough attention to the driving behavior. In fact, logistics companies can reduce the incidence of safety accidents through powerful drirve coaching, and use GPS logistics solutions to help identify accident causes, handle accidents, implement corrective measures, and take vehicle maintenance and repair in advance.

JM-LL01 4g tracking device can not only realize the functions of vehicle tracking, playback, mileage statistics, electronic geofence, anti-tamper alarm, etc., but also support driver behavior monitoring, including rapid acceleration, sharp turn, collision, rollover. By doing this, drivers can consciously increase their vigilance on their behavior safety, improve safety awareness, and avoid dangerous accidents.

JM-LL01 4g tracking device can master the vehicle information in real time, make detailed statistics on inproper driving behaviors, so that optimized driving can be targeted, and each driver will experience the process of “recording, evaluation, analysis, improvement and benefit”. With multi-directional support and metric, the driver’s driving operations for each transportation task are recorded and evaluated comprehensively.

GPS tracker with driver behavior monitoring will greatly improve the efficiency of vehicle transportation, reduce transportation risks and business operating costs. If you want to learn more about JM-LL01 4g tracking device, please email info@jimilab.com.