5 Ways to Prevent Ebike Battery from Theft

5 Ways to Prevent Ebike Battery from Theft


Ebike is the means of transportation for many people in their daily lives. No matter going to work, going to school or back home, it brings great convenience to us. However, in recent years, cases of electric battery theft have occurred frequently. In most cases, these Ebike only bought a few months and almost new. What methods can we use to curb the theft of electric vehicles/batteries? Also, why do many thieves only choose to steal electric car batteries?

In fact, the reason lies that the most important part of Ebike is the battery. There is a disgraceful industry now. Thieves sell the stolen battery to some battery manufacturers, manufacturers repacked them as new batteries and sold to others. For the thieves, they can make a huge profit margin in this part, and if they push the Ebike away directly, it is likely to arouse suspicion of passers-by, and the risk will be greater. For their own safety, they all ended up stealing the battery. That’s why the risk of losing the battery is much greater than the risk of losing the Ebike.

So, what you can do to prevent your electric vehicles from stolen?

1. Install Ebike GPS Tracker
This is the most effective anti-theft method. Now there are many GPS trackers, and the price is generally between USD20-USD200. Here, I recommend Jimi ET25 GPS tracker for your reference.

ET25 is a smart anti-theft terminal specially designed for electric vehicles. It is small in size, easy to hide and install, and is not easy to be discovered by thieves. ET25 has a wide voltage range and is suitable for all types of vehicles. It supports multiple alarms, automatic arming, and remote locking. Once the Ebike or battery is stolen, it will send out cutoff power alert, vibration alert, and displacement alarm. If the electric vehicle is stolen, the owner can realize remote lock at the first time, and it integrates with GPRS and satellite positioning technology, the policers can recover the stolen vehicles as soon as possible and reduce the losses of the owners with the help of the positioning system.

A thief usually pats the Ebike before stealing a car or a battery. If the electric vehicle does not send an alert ring, he will choose it as a target. If the Ebiker’s alarm functions, they will be much cautious. Therefore, selecting an Ebike GPS tracker has a certain effect on anti-theft.

2. Buy a good lock and lock the Ebike at any time
Nowadays, the quality of electric vehicle locks on the market is uneven, so you’d better buy good quality anti-hydraulic pliers locks. You can also add an iron chain lock to the battery of the electric car for double security as batteries are the targets of thieves in most cases. Using two types of locks at the same time is not equal to a simple superposition of preventive performance, but will greatly improve security, as thieves are not always equipped with all kinds of tools. For batteries placed under the seat cushion, the seat cushion should be locked with the frame to prevent the thief from easily opening the seat cushion to remove the battery; if the conditions permit, the electric vehicle can be locked in a fixed iron railing. In addition, many Ebike owners have good quality locks, but they often forget to relock after return to open the cushions. They usually leave in a hurry and the car keys will be forgotten nearby. According to statistics, about 40% of stolen electric vehicle cases were caused by unplugging an Ebike key. So, remember to pull the key after lock your electric vehicle.

3. Make sure electric vehicle is within your sight when temporarily parking
It is best to park in a closed garage when parking. If there is no parking lot nearby, do not park the electric car in a place with few people or in remote places. You need to park your electric car within your sight when temporary parking, or at least anywhere that passers-by or stores are easier to see, such as a bank, a community booth, a store, or any place that has IP surveillance, letting thieves be afraid to steal.

4.Please take off the battery when parking for a long time
If the electric vehicle is parked for a long time, the best way is to take the battery, because most thieves do not steal electric vehicles without a battery. So here is a tip when buying an electric vehicle, choosing the Ebike with the portable battery can reduce loss risk to some extent.

5. Don’t buy stolen Electric cars because of cheap
One of the important reasons for the electric vehicle being stolen is that it can be sold after stealing, so don’t go to the illegal market to buy stolen cars due to cheap price. When you buy old cars, check the driving license and vehicle license and numbers one by one to get “transfer ownership” and “legally own”. Purchasing and selling the stolen vehicle is illegal. Buying stolen vehicles increases the possibility of stealing your own electric car or others again.

However, no matter how good the anti-theft measures are, it is difficult to ensure that electric vehicle or battery would not be the targets of the thieves. These methods are at a lower cost to help owners reduce their losses. To totally solve this problem, we need to strengthen social security management, maintain social stability, and raise citizens’ awareness of safety, etc.

At last, if you are interested in Jimi ET25 GPS tracker, please contact us!