Applying Jimi Intelligent Solutions to City Security Construction.

Applying Jimi Intelligent Solutions to City Security Construction.


In front of the disaster, people always appear to be very small. Once a typhoon is generated, the losses may be unprecedented. For example, people lost or died, flight delays warnings and many trains are scheduled to be out of service. 

Then, what should IoT companies do for the maintenance and construction of the affected cities after the typhoon?

With the rapid development of IoT technology, the application in smart cities has also brought good news to the urban emergency. When heavy rainfall causes traffic disruption, in order to prevent local traffic congestion, the Internet of Things can work with meteorological departments to improve urban drainage, build intelligent pipelines, and use video surveillance to detect roads and trees, damaged isolation facilities, failed traffic lights, underpass tunnels and overpass water accumulation, etc., and then timely report to the related departments such as gardens, urban management, electric power, and water affairs to actively handle, quickly eliminate road safety hazards, and restore traffic order. The GPS technology is also applied to the management of manhole cover in the city to realize manhole cover management intelligence.

1. Smart city security construction
As an important equipment for IoT information collection, security camera is the main force of urban security construction. With the development of IoT and cloud computing, new opportunities have been brought to the security industry. With the penetrating of the HD concept, making the IP camera market share is gradually expanding. Of course, because the light at night is much less than that of the day, the picture will appear relatively unclear, but it can be solved by a dual-mode intelligent optical camera, realizing as clear as in the day time. I believe that in the near future, data transmission will no longer be an issue. The combination of monitoring data with high-speed network transmission and the integration of the Internet of things will bring a new era to the security industry and promote the construction of smart cities.

Sensors are the “touchers” of urban management. IoT can use sensors to monitor the rain in real-time. These sensors are like eyes, ears, and nose, which can “watch” rain on the spot and report the situation at any time. Once an early warning occurs, the staff can observe the situation in real-time in the office and immediately deploy emergency measures against the problem. The sensor is an important collection device for the Internet of Things and can be applied to all aspects of urban management, such as intelligent rail transit, urban bridge monitoring.

2. JIMI Intelligent Security IoT Solutions

Solutions Introduction
JIMI intelligent security solutions utilize technologies such as the IoT, communication, and positioning to realize real-time remote dispatching, attendance, and patrol management, and then improve the efficiency of emergency response processing, and form an efficient and agile new security system, accelerating the transformation from “electronic security” to “intelligent security”.

Solutions highlights
(1) Clear communication without blind zone
The law enforcement area covers the entire network, and the daily legal affairs and emergency incidents can be quickly and timely reported to the command center, conducting unimpeded two-way communication.

(2) Fair and transparent supervision
Using the two-way camera, outdoor video surveillance, shooting and audio recording, the site is highly restored, important evidence is saved, law enforcement efficiency is improved, event responsibility is clarified, and one-button emergency alarm is provided to ensure the personal safety, and legitimate rights and interests for law enforcement personnel. 

(3) Visual inspection
Realize comprehensive visual inspection, timely detect and record of violations and illegal activities, and improve the efficiency of law enforcement inspections.

(4) Personalized customization
According to the particularity of different systems, the platform can be deployed independently to ensure data security.

With the integration of industrialization and informatization, the Internet of things will be a relatively realistic breakthrough in the process of informationization in industry. Jimi IoT will also enter the field of smart city construction in the future, bringing a better life to the field of urban construction that is closely related to people’s livelihood.

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