Battery Anti Theft for Base Station

Battery Anti Theft for Base Station


The ever-increasing theft of backup batteries and vandalism of infrastructure across South Africa has forced mobile network operators like MTN to shut down some of their cellphone towers, leading to strain on the wider network and diminishing quality of coverage in certain parts of the country.

MTN’s efforts to protect batteries at their base stations against theft and vandalism are bearing fruit. They have recovered 143 batteries in January 2020. However, MTN said they still have a continuing battle with criminal syndicates as the number of battery theft incidents is still on the rise.

In addition, while operators replace lost batteries and correct the towers, they also need to consider power outages and network downtime, the two major causes making it impossible for South Africans to use their mobile phones and connect to the Internet for an uncertain period.

For situations like this, we provide the location-based hardware solution for battery management, the ET25, a light and compact GPS tracker helping network operators better monitor the location and status of their batteries. Always keep you informed of which battery or batteries may operate incorrectly in the earliest time possible, helping maintain the network stability and improve the signal quality.

Meanwhile, the hidden installation of our device can help recover stolen batteries via live GPS. Our Battery Management Solution has received high recognition from the MTN Group, and we’re really glad that we can help them safeguard their assets.

With solid GPS tracking capability and network connectivity, the ET25 is also perfectly suitable for motorbikes and e-bikes. Featuring a sleek and small design, the ET25 provides a detailed report of the vehicles’ location and activities.

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