Dash Video Camera Recorder Bring New Vision of Safety. Jimi IoT.

Dash Video Camera Recorder Bring New Vision of Safety. Jimi IoT.


Dash video camera recorder bring new vision of safety with the help of IoT.

5G holds a future promise of greater automotive
safety & efficiency

  • Increasing Active Safety: collision warning/avoidance; early warning of severe braking ahead; intelligent speed adaptation and more
  • Better Tracffic Efficiency:vehicles approaching detection; road conditions; upcoming queues and other traffic issues
  • More vehicle data:location; speed; driver behavior and more

V2X is rewriting the rules of the
automobile industry

  • Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V): e.g. collision avoidance safety systems
  • Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I):  e.g. traffic signal  timing/ priority
  • Vehicle-to-network (V2N): e.g.  real-time traffic / routing, cloud services
  • Vehicle-to-pedestrian  (V2P):  e.g. safety alerts to  pedestrians, bicyclists

Rich Scenario,
Unlimited Imagination in
Dash video camera recorder

  • Vehicle Safety: automatic collision notification; real-time tracking; roadside service; driver monitoring system and more
  • Convenient Life: navigation; infotainment; logistics; delivery and more
  • Intelligent Transportation: road congestion notice; route plan; foreknow potential safety hazard and more

Major Challenges for Fleet Owners

  • Commercial Fleets: track and enforce safer behaviour; how to minimise wasted time and down time,how to eliminate fuel wastage
  • Ride Hailing: lack of video evidence on problems; mismatched driver detection; route optimization
  • Auto Insurance: lack of witnesses or distraught drivers; false and/or exaggerated claims; conflicting reports of actual events; poor driving habits or behaviors; expensive and increasing insurance premiums

Jimi Dash video camera recorder Architecture



Data and video can be instantly uploaded
through the 4G,3G and WIFI network to a secure server.

  • Live streaming video
  • History video review from SD card
  • History trips playback
  • Geo-fence
  • App & Web-based maps

HD Evidence Captured:
With integrated road-facing camera and cabin view camera, Jimi AI dash cam can capture crystal clear images and 1080P high-definition footage, inside and outside the vehicle.


Application Scenarios Video

Event Video to Cloud:
Automatic transmission of harsh events or collisions.
With the 4G connection, you can get faster data speed and larger network coverage, and respond immediately.

Enhanced Driver Safety:
Monitor and detect diverse aspects of driver behavior to identify potentially dangerous or illegal actions such as distracting,smoking,signs of tiredness and inattentiveness to boost on-the-road safety.

Drive Efficiency Monitoring:
Fleet managers can gain insight into how drivers and vehicles are performing in terms of efficiency, as well as reduce fuel consumption. 

  • Distance travelled
  • Rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, and sudden braking
  • Time in engine sweet spot
  • Cruise control usage
  • Idle time 
  • Fuel economy 

Panic Button for Emergency:
In the event of an accident, the panic button allows the driver asks for help by calling the SOS phone number continuously and marks important video footage for review, making the rescue response more efficient and faster, protecting the driver’s safety.

Remotely Stop Your Fleets:

Control the engine of the car from the APP or web platform when encountering a thief, and the driver faces an accident.

History Video Review



Jimi Dash video camera recorder Hardware


Detached cabin view camera | DMS | 4G+WiFi+BLE | Panic button | Engine cutoff | Locked SIM/ SD Card Design


Detached cabin view camera | 4G+WiFi+BLE | Panic button | Engine cutoff | Locked SIM/ SD Card Design | Android 8.1 Go


Integrated cabin view camera | 4G+WiFi+BLE | Locked SIM/ SD Card Design


Tracksolid—secure, open and scalable

Complete set of services designed for remote management, fleet tracking, asset tracking and a diverse set of vertical application.

  • Live Streaming
  • Warning Video Playback
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Daily Route MapsLive Alert Notifications
  • Create Geo-fences
  • Driver Behavior
  • Reports & Analytics

Improve Fleet Safety with On-Board Video

See things that were not possible earlier: The irrevocable proof of action through video clips can provide answers to when, where, why and how around accidents and other incidents, helping fleet managers get a clearer picture of an event and ascertain the root cause.

Driver behavior optimization: Help drivers become aware of their bad driving behaviors and enhance their skills and awareness on the road. These will increase fleet safety  and saving cost for operators.

Improve operational efficiency: By tracking fuel consumption and usage, vehicle speed, idling time, and more, the solutions can help reduce waste, optimize the efficiency of your fleet performance.

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