Dashcam With GPS Tracking That Keep Your Vehicle Safe 24/7. Jimi IoT.

Dashcam With GPS Tracking That Keep Your Vehicle Safe 24/7. Jimi IoT.


Does dash cam have

Dashcam has changed from a single video recording
function to a multi-functional intelligent driving recorder that integrates
navigation, audio recording, and monitoring. So, does dashcam have GPS?

Today’s positioning is a very common function. Mobile
phones can locate, watch can locate, and even a takeaway can be
positioned.  Of course, dashcam with
GPS tracking is available now. Many driving recorders have a GPS positioning
module integrated inside, all of which have positioning functions.

Why does Dash Cam
need GPS?

The GPS function of the dashcam is to record the driving
conditions of the vehicle, including GPS positioning and GPS tracking. The dashcam with GPS tracker can locate the real-time
position of the vehicle. The video will mark the current position of the
vehicle, and can also record the driver’s route, time, date, and speed.

As a provider of IoT solutions based on location
services, Jimi IoT has launched a number of dashcam with GPS tracking, which
can implement basic positioning tracking, real-time and historical video,
remote power cutoff, and event alarm, etc. Also, the products are equipped with the following

Silent operation: no display, no driver action required,
no driver perception

Data acquisition: GPS location information, video
recording, G-sensor, SOS button

Local + cloud storage: Geographic information cloud
storage, important video cloud storage, driving video local storage, offline

Tasks: reporting alarm information, uploading video


The positioning function of Jimi dashcam is combined with
tracksolid tracking platform, mainly reflected in:

a. View location in real-time

b. Historical route playback

c. Real-time video

d. Historical video playback

is our newly launched dash camera. With a built-in high precision GPS module,
JC400 can realize remote monitoring, collision notification and electronic
fence security. The driving track and speed information are instantly
synchronized to the mobile phone and platform. No matter where you are, you can
know the status of your car the first time. Also, JC400 has the following
functional advantages.

Clear imaging and clear recording at night

look at some test comparison pictures:


1080P imaging can clearly record the surrounding car conditions, road
conditions, and the picture is clear.


night vision can clearly record everything around, even in the dark night. (The
left picture shows the ordinary dashcam and the right picture shows Jimi
dashcam.) The excellent recording is benefited from the strong hardware

Ultra-wide angle of 140°, the field of vision can cover the front and multiple

angles less than 120 ° can capture remote license plates, but the angle is
small and the lane on both sides cannot be seen. Angle larger than 160° has a
wide range, but the license plate is hard to see beyond 6 meters. After our
continuous road measurement, the lens angle of 140° is suitable for both
shooting range and shooting distance. The F2.0 large aperture lens is also a
high standard in similar products. The larger the aperture, the more light the
lens captures, and more detail can be recorded in low light situations.

and mobile phone interconnection

high-quality WiFi module, the wireless traffic is directly connected to the
mobile phone, and the real-time picture can be viewed directly on the mobile
phone’s high-definition large screen. You can easily playback the video by
dragging the progress bar.

Take photos automatically when parking, guard your car 24 hours

dashcam could continue to work when the car stopped. When ACC is off or power
is off, the video is automatically saved. When ACC is off, the recorder can
also be remotely awakened to record or take pictures. Taking pictures will not
affect continuous video recording.

In case of an accident, an emergency recording is possible

GPS dash cam has a built-in 3-axis G-Sensor and collision detection function.
During parking or driving, if you encounter various collision situations, the
dash camera automatically starts emergency recording. Emergency recordings will
also be protected separately to avoid looping video coverage and provide
effective evidence for situations such as traffic accidents. Recorded pictures
and videos can be combined with driving information, including time, date,
latitude and longitude, speed and license plate.

6. compact and easy to install

Thanks to the compact body, the dashcam
will not block the sight when placed in front of the car, and will not destroy
the interior structure. There is a 3M sticker on the top of the bracket for
sticking to the window.

The installation video is here for your

Jimi’s dashcam with GPS tracking can realize remote
monitoring, record driving trajectory, and synchronize location information to
the cloud instantly. With the dash camera, your car can be monitored and
protected 24/7. If you are interested in this product or have other questions,
please contact us.

Learn more at http://www.jimicloud.com/products/car-dashcam.html