Everything about Tracksolid White Label Tracking Platform.

Everything about Tracksolid White Label Tracking Platform.


Tracksolid is a white label tracking platform and open source gps tracking software. In this article, we would share more details on customization.

1. Web customization
A. Provide two Logos:
Login LOGO: 318×81 (PNG format, it is recommended to use a transparent background to avoid too much contrast with the background color)
Inside page LOGO: 141*34 (PNG format, white background is recommended)

B. If you want to change the background of the login page, a 1920×1080 PNG format image is required. Please do not provide a transparent background image.

C. You need to add the CNAME record (domain name record). The first value of the CNAME record is filled in www (if your www is already used as the official website, you can only use other subdomains like track or GPS), and the second value is filled in tracksolid.com, now www resolve tracksolid.com. One note here is that DO NOT use A records to point directly to our IP address.
Use the PING command to verify that your domain name has been resolved correctly, and the result should look like the following:

If the background is dark, the logo should be bright, otherwise it is not clear, and vice versa. If the background is not changed, the Logo is suggested to use a transparent background color. If your LOGO of the customized picture is white background instead of a transparent background, or the LOGO has a dark color (the background of the login page is also dark), it would be unclear to see when putting on the platform. Please pay attention to this problem so as to avoid repeated replacement due to poor effect.

2. APP customization
Please note that the customized pictures of the App cannot use transparent background.
A. Provide the APP name.
B. Provide the APP LOGO, size 1024×1024, in PNG format. It is suggested that no text should be put on the APP icon. This APP icon image will be used in the following places:


C. Provide Google Maps App key and Google Account, or offer Google Account and Password.
D. Provide APP Splash Screen (picture when APP starts up), PNG format, need 6 sets of sizes: 1242×2208, 640×960, 640×1136, 750×1334, 1080×1920, 720×1280, for iOS & Android different size screen adaptation. 


E. Due to policy changes, the splash screen is forced to adapt to the new phone model. An additional three startup page images are demanded, now 9 sizes of splash screens are required. The dimensions are as follows: 
iphoneX/iphoneXS          1125×2436
iphoneXR                         828x 1792
iphoneXS Max                 1242×2688 
F. If you want to change the background image of the APP login page, you need to provide an additional 720 × 1280 and a 1080 × 1920 PNG image.


G. Apple Developer Account and Password  APP released by Customers  The APK or IPA file should be provided for launching APP.  APP released by Jimi iOS requires users to provide an account of joining the Apple developer (It needs to pay a fee to Apple). In addition, you need to fill in the following information for releasing APP.

There is a risk that the customized App iOS version will not be approved. If the customer launch by themselves, the approval rate can be improved. 
Releasing an Android APP needs to fill in the following information:

3. Fees and charges
For more information about the fees and charges, please click here.

If you want to learn more about Tracksolid white label tracking platform, please email info@jimilab.com. We are glad to serve you!