GPS Smart Farming That Can Help Your Business Grow.

GPS Smart Farming That Can Help Your Business Grow.


Why do we need smart farming?

At present, there are many problems in the management of livestock breeding. For example, animals are lost or stolen frequently; population degradation is getting severe as a result of inbreeding; overgrazing leads to the grass degradation. 

What is smart farming?
To facilitate the herdsmen and Bureau of Animal Husbandry’s management to the animal, Jimi IoT, smart farming in China, put forward GPS smart farming solution to realize animal breeding management through the NB-IoT+LoRa+2G network technology.

How smart farming works? 

IoT based smart farming uses the PaaS platform as the core to obtain data through the smart device. The data will be displayed on the APP(for herdsman and for animal husbandry bureau) and the animal husbandry comprehensive management platform. Using an accurate algorithm for classification statistics, it is easy to view and manage.

GPS farming technologies include two kinds of hardware devices-livestock tracker and 4g outdoor security camera, software platform and APP.

Hardware devices livestock tracker features:
GPS+ Beidou Positioning Mode
IP67 Waterproof. It is capable of withstanding water immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes
Low power consumption design; 3-year long standby
It supports various alarm modes such as stray alarm, low power alarm, geo-fence alarm, Static alarm,etc. Perfect solution for anti-lost and anti-theft
The locator enables animals to check in. Open the APP, then it will count the number of animals inside the fence and check whether there are lost animals or not
The locator can collect the animals exercise data. User can search the data and keep an eye on their health conditions
The locator can detect environmental data around the animals such as temperature, humidity, pressure, altitude, etc.(custom made) 
Support to view environmental data around animals 
Solar-powered; Longer service life
Slim and light; denser positioning point

Hardware devices 4g Outdoor Security Camera Features:
Solar-powered; IP66 Waterproof. No maintenance required
1080P HD quality, 35 LED night vision lights, powerful night vision effect

Support to accurate human motion detection from 10 to 15 meters, support PTZ 340° rotation

Hardware can be easily upgraded by operating on AMS terminal system management platform

Software Platform 
Smart farming system, which is mainly for the staff of livestock management, can manage the animal information, herdsmen, breeding, vaccine injection, quarantine and farm. You can also track and monitor the animal, view alarms and view reports by the platform. It simplifies office procedure and realizes paperless office.

Livestock Management Platform Features:
Animal information archive for convenient view and management
Animal health management, exercise data collection and vaccine injection management 
Animal breeding management: view the estrus record and blood relationship of animals, avoiding inbreeding and optimizing population genes
Geo-fence: when animal is out of the preset fence, alarm will be triggered and notification will be sent.
Statistical report: convenient and efficient 
Environmental data monitoring:  record Animal’s Living Environment

APP for Herdsman
Herdsmen can use the APP to create geo-fence for animals. Alarm will be triggered and message will be sent to herdsmen if any animal is out of the fence. Herdsmen can view animals location, health conditions, etc. It is also possible to track the animal, manage and view the estrus Apply for breeding and quarantine by APP.
Geo-fence: check whether the animal is in/out of the fence.
Real-time tracking and various alarms
View basic information, health information, breeding information

APP for Livestock Management 
Vaccine management: make sure that vaccination is implemented exactly
Quarantine management: more convenient quarantine process
Breeding management: avoid inbreeding, and optimize population genes


Smart farming IoT collects the GPS and Beidou data, environment data around the animal, and animal’s physiological indicators by the smart collar device, and transmit those data to the big data platform via NB-IoT+LoRa+2G network for monitoring and data analysis.

Using the APP, herdsmen can manage the graze, track the animals and view animal’s health status anytime anywhere. The animal archives built by the big data platform can help trace animals, avoid inbreeding and optimize population genes. At the same time, big data analysis can be used to study the factors affecting the growth rate of animal, help solve the problem of grass degradation caused by overgrazing.

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