How Commercial truck dash camera systems help to run a safer fleet?

How Commercial truck dash camera systems help to run a safer fleet?


The vehicle accident is a major issue for the fleet manager. It’s reported that 40% of car accidents are on-the-job. Truck drivers are one of the most dangerous occupations according to a BLS report released in 2018. When the accident occurs, it will cost a lot. In the 2018 Driver Safety Risk report, 68% of companies in the report had recent work-related accidents and it cost over $56 billion for the fleet industry in 2017. The top three causes of fatal car accidents are speeding, driver fatigue, and distracted driving. It’s difficult to change driver behavior, thus, building a more comprehensive fleet safety program is essential. JIMI Commercial truck dash camera systems are the best choice to solve this problem.

JIMI Commercial truck dash camera systems are comprised of JC400D(dual dashcam) and Tracksolid platform(cloud platform).

With the driver monitoring systems(DMS), JC400D can help to improve the driver’s poor driving habits. Powered by AI technology, it can monitor and detect diverse aspects of driver behavior to identify potentially dangerous or illegal actions such as distracting, phone-calling, smoking, and yawning, and inattentiveness to boost on-the-road safety. When the above driving behavior is detected, the alert is triggered and help drivers become aware of their safety.

Furthermore, the footage will storage via the cloud automatically to provide video evidence in the event of a vehicle accident. Common dash cameras keep the video on their SD cards only, sometime the dashcam will get physical damage during the collision, thus, it’s easy to lose the accident footage. With the Tracksolid platform, the important footage will stores on our cloud servers securely and for easy access. All footage is searchable that you can see what exactly happened which may save a lot of legal fees.

Following are the other key features of JIMI Commercial truck dash camera systems.

Driving Behavior Monitoring

Dangerous driving behavior will be detected, such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking, and extreme cornering, it will help you to improve your employee’s skill, keep your fleet safe, and reduce fuel cost. What’s more? You can even pick up your best employee via the date.

Panic Button

Panic Button is designed to assist in alerting employees in emergencies where a threat to the driver or vehicle. In the emergency, pressing it then an SOS number by pre-set will be call and the emergency video footage will upload for review. The external SOS button can keep your employee safer and piece of mind to all.

Engine Cut-Off

Remotely cutting fuel and electricity is the best method of prevention to reduce the likelihood of a vehicle getting stolen or unauthorized use. As soon as the car drops to a safe speed, the fleet manager can stop the car easily to recover the car and goods.


You can upload your data more conveniently by 4G and more economical by WIFI.

HD Video

HD resolution video

Locked SIM/ TF Card Design

Protect your video form taken away un-authorized.

GPS Tracking

You can know the exact location of your car real-timely.

Dual Cameras

Our interior/exterior cameras make sure the continual recording of driving situations so you can review vehicle accident video.

G-Force Sensor

6-axis acceleration sensor

Android 8.1

the power system as a guarantee, more flexible and faster.

RS232 (Optional)

Fuel level sensor, temperature sensor, the card reader is available.

“JIMI Commercial truck dash camera systems blew our minds. It is fantastic and works perfectly. I am a VERY STRICT TESTER and USER. It is ideal, no issue, all clear.” One of our customers said that.

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