How Dash Cam for Van Empower your Business

How Dash Cam for Van Empower your Business


Why Should Install Dash Cam for Van?
With the rapid development of the urban economy, the
number of passenger transport lines between cities is constantly increasing,
the number of vans is increasing. Vans are prone to overloading,
transportation/passenger disputes, security incidents such as theft and
robbery. At the same time, due to illegal operations such as the driver’s free
parking to get on and off passengers, speeding, chatting, phone calls, and
fatigued driving, traffic accidents happen from time to time. All these
seriously affect the normal operation of van transport enterprises and bring
great troubles to the management and scheduling of the fleet. To troubleshoot
the above problems, vans urgently need to install dashcam.

In the face of
increasing attention to public transport safety, as a van transport company
manager, you may be worried about the following problems.

1. The property
safety of passengers is not guaranteed, especially when driving at night, security
incidents such as theft, robbery, dispute, fighting and so on are easy to
occur, and it is impossible to provide persuasive evidence afterward.

2. The driver’s
operating and driving routes cannot be supervised, and his improper behaviors
such as speeding, fatigue driving, traffic violations and phone talking during
driving increase the safety risks in the transportation process.

3. The driver
embezzles tickets without permission after leaving the station, resulting in
overloading and fines for violation. The drivers change the route without
authorization, which is liable to cause complaints/conflicts among passengers.

4. With
decentralized management, it is difficult to obtain accurate operation data,
fails to conduct an effective assessment on drivers, and fail to curb drivers’
behaviors such as false report, resulting in increased operating costs.

5. In case of
traffic accidents, vehicle breakdowns, traffic jams and other emergencies
during transportation, the monitoring center cannot respond in time, which may
lead to passengers’ complaints.

6. With the
continuous improvement of the social requirements on the service quality of van
transport companies, only by constantly improving their own service can they
stand out in the market competition.

How is the Dash Cam for Van Launched by Jimi IoT?

With years of
experience in the research and development of dashcam, Jimi IoT actively
responds to the needs of the van on-board monitoring industry market, launching
an intelligent dash cam for vans that integrating the latest DMS fatigue
driving monitoring and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) technology.
Through this product, operating companies can effectively regulate the behavior
of drivers, eliminate overloading, speeding, detours, illegal stopping, fatigue
driving and other behaviors, reduce the incidence of van accidents and illegal
behaviors, and provide effective evidence for traffic accidents and personnel

1. Panic button

In an emergency,
the driver can press the external panic button, and the monitoring center will
receive the alarm information within 5 seconds. At the same time, the
monitoring center will receive the pictures captured by the dasncam terminal
and automatically turn on the in-cabin audio monitoring.

2. Accident
analysis and evidence collection

The operation
condition of the vehicle and the work of the staff can be monitored and
recorded by dashcam. Meanwhile, the information can provide evidence for
accident inquiry and liability identification.

3. Advanced
driver-assistance systems (ADAS)

It can realize
the functions of vehicle collision warning and lane departure warning to avoid
potential safety risks.

4. Driving
monitoring system(DMS)

monitoring of driving behaviors can realize effective supervision of drivers’
illegal driving behaviors.

5. GPS
high-precise positioning

All vehicles can
be located and monitored in real time. The monitoring data can be recorded, and
the historical operation of the vehicles can be replayed when needed.

What are the Benefits of Dash Cam for Van?

1. Improve
enterprise service

The installation
of dashcam on van can make the operation and management of the enterprise more
intelligent, greatly enhance the flexibility of the company’s services, and
improve the comfort of passengers.

2. Improve the
management of operators

It can greatly
make operation management more flexible, and gain all van data in real time.

3. Reduce manual
statistical errors

Digital method
replaces manual labor, which frees statisticians from the complicated manual
work and avoids the situation that manual labor is prone to make mistakes.


Installing dash
cam for van
can not only ensure driving safety, but also enhance the management
of vans. Welcome to contact us ( if you want to learn more.